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Meet Zhou Chuna! A Professional 16-Year Old Plastic Surgeon Fanatic!

Zhou Chuna, a 16-year-old girl from China, won the country’s main media headlines for having performed more than 100 plastic surgeries in less than three years. Because of this, Chuna ended up becoming a major influencer on social networks.  Zhou Chuna is a member of the “social influencer” generation in China.

Zhou has an Instagram account with more than 5 million followers, on which she regularly posts selfies and videos wearing different wigs to change her appearance. Her photos have been admired by more than 3 million people since 2015 despite her young age, particularly for her large eyes and skin the color of milk.

Zhou Chuna talked about being bullied at school and said it was through her photos on social media that she found herself, as well as a way to show people who sent her messages of encouragement online how appreciative she is for their support. Zhou’s fans make up more than half (57%) of China’s total number of internet users from 15-34 years old.

Zhou Chuna has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery models in China and also appears in videos that teach viewers how to apply makeup and do plastic surgery on themselves to look like famous Chinese celebrity Zhou Chuna had many jobs before becoming a model, such as work in wholesale clothes or cosmetics shops where she noticed that customers were seeking products with natural effects to enhance their facial features.

Zhou Chuna has also worked in a public relations office and as a model for wedding planners. Zhou started studying at university in Beijing this year, where she is studying to become a makeup artist, many newspapers said.

zhou chuna updated picture-mongersmint
Zhou chuna updated picture

In her profile on the Sina Weibo platform, the Chinese have about 300,000 followers. Zhou Chuna career as an influencer was consolidated based on her publications, which portray the procedures already done, her recoveries, and, of course, her extreme transformation – which, from a normal-looking girl, is now compared to a doll.

Obviously, Zhou Chuna is not the only girl in the world to resort to plastic surgery to improve her appearance. However, her case is considered unique in the country due to the large number of procedures performed in a short period. Besides, it is not only the surgeries – nor the appearance – that make the young woman’s case worth mentioning. 

Zhou Chuna’s statements in her publications on social networks also attract attention. In one, particularly, Zhou Chuna says she has experienced serious side effects because she is addicted to plastic surgery, such as, for example, memory loss and permanent scarring. Even revealing such negative points, the young woman always emphasizes that these experiences were worthwhile and worthwhile.

zhou chuna-mongersmint
Zhou Chuna, a 16-year-old girl from China

Zhou Chuna on Social Media

In some of her old posts, the Chinese woman even portrayed how she suffered bullying because of her peculiar appearance. In the publications of this same content, Chuna Chuna also revealed how he was entitled by humiliating nicknames and how he was, constantly, the main character of cruel jokes. “It was exactly at that time in my life that I decided to change my appearance.”


When she turned 13, Zhou Chuna started pestering her parents to pay for double eyelid surgery, a highly popular surgical procedure among Asian women. Beforehand, the parents, but the young woman, by insistently keeping the request, managed to convince them. “The attitude of everyone who lived next to me changed shortly after I had the surgery. In short, everyone became more friendly, and that’s when I tasted the fruits of the procedure ”.

After remodeling the eyelids, Zhou Chuna did not take long to perform the other aesthetic procedures, so much so that in the last 3 years, Chuna performed about 100 different operations, ranging from simple fillings to rhinoplasty, breast implants, and liposuction. Even so, during the critical period that afflicts – and still affects – the world, Chuna performed 20 surgeries.

zhou chuna then and now-mongersmint
Zhou Chuna Then and Now

According to China’s news portals, young women spent more than 4 million yuan ($ 620,000) on cosmetic procedures. Most of the money came from Zhou Chuna’s parents, who own a profitable company. To convince them, the influencer took advantage of threats, one of which involved leaving school. The procedures were all performed by specialists and not accredited clinics, which often offer cheaper and lower-quality services.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with how I look. I always think that I will look better if I have another plastic surgery. Someone even asked me once if I ever regretted it. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start earlier ”.


Zhou Chuna won the country’s main media headlines for having performed more than 100 plastic surgeries in less than three years. Because of Zhou’s influential presence on social networks and her large following of over 5 million people on Instagram, she became an influencer. Zhou was motivated by bullying when growing up and uses her posts as means of feedback to show how grateful she is for fans’ support, many of whom make up more than half57%) of China’s total number of internet users from 15-34 years old. Zhou started studying at university in Beijing this year, where she is studying to become a makeup artist.

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