Contact Lenses Myths vs. Facts You Might Want To Know!


Contact Lenses: The eyes are a very delicate part. If you wear contact lenses or want to start wearing them, you should recognize some myths around the use of contact lenses. Above all, in the case of daily lenses. However, according to optometric experts, daily lenses are more advisable for better visual health. You must know all its benefits and differences, as well as the main myths. True or false? We deny i

We explain and disprove 6 myths about daily contact lenses so you can choose the best option and learn how to take care of your eyes.

Contact Lenses are more uncomfortable

Lie. Daily contact lenses are characterized by being thin and soft. Therefore, they adapt easily and comfortably to the eye. Also, they are made with materials that provide hydration and perspiration to the eye.

2- They are difficult to care for

Lie. The daily disposable lenses are single-use. Therefore, you only have to use them once, and when you finish, it is as easy as throwing them away. In this way, you will avoid the daily cleaning routines that are mandatory with biweekly or monthly lenses. You will save a lot of time!


Contact Lenses are more expensive

True. Daily wear lenses cost more than extended wear lenses.

The life of a daily lens lasts longer. You must think that the life of a monthly lens is 30 days. On the other hand, the daily lenses have a single-use, so if you don’t use them, you can save them later without damaging them since it will be a new one.

Time-saving. Cleaning and care time disappears. You just have to use it and throw it away later.

In case they are dropped or lost, you just have to use a new one. That uncomfortable moment when you fall off doing sports will no longer happen. You will save time and money because you only have to open a new one.

Therefore, although they are a little more expensive, it has many more benefits in the long term due to its practicality.


Contact Lenses are more difficult to remove and can stick to your eyes

Lie. It is important to learn how to use contact lenses if you have not used them before. However, this case rarely happens. Daily contact lenses are made with a hydrogel or silicone hydrogel material that provides oxygen and sweat to the eyes. In turn, they contain a technology that helps release moisture to the eyes when blinking. So you can take care of your health visually.

Contact Lenses can fall more easily

Lie. If you put your lenses incorrectly, they will not move from the eyes. Also, in the case of not placing it exactly in the place, it will be placed correctly after the blink. Another alternative is to wash your hands and move them to the right place with your finger.

Contact Lenses should not be used all-day

Lie. Most daily lenses are made from breathable materials. You must respect the replacement schedule. That is to say, do not use them twice in a row or have them longer than recommended. These types of lenses tend to last throughout the day. So remember to take them off before you go to sleep.

In conclusion, after reviewing the different myths associated with daily contact lenses, we see all the benefits and facilities that their use provides. Therefore, take care of your eyes’ health and enjoy practicing sport and when carrying out the rest of the activities throughout your day to day.

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