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What is 5G?

What is 5G? : Everyone wants to know that what is 5G? Here is the answer, 5G is used to provide fast internet connections to smartphones mainly. It is also used to bring the internet to tablets, laptops, and all kinds of electronic devices that contact a SIM card. But it is not enough; the phone company will also have to provide a 5G network to its customers. 5G is the natural successor to 4G and provides higher speed, coverage, and lower latency to all devices.

The speed at which these 5G networks is 10 Gbps, which is well above the rate of 4G-LTE (150 Mbps) and 4G + (450 Mbps). On the other hand, latency is estimated to be less than 1 ms when fully implemented and a 100% worldwide coverage. It also entails a significant reduction in energy expenditure, although all these data are theoretical, and it will surely take us a while to see them like this.

With the incipient arrival of the gaming world to smartphones, the 5G networks will serve the right way for the players who wish to use their smartphones for this purpose. Given the high speeds and, above all, the low latency, 5G connectivity will serve as the basis for establishing the market for gaming smartphones. Furthermore, with the arrival of SoCs such as Snapdragon 690, the use of the 5G in mid-range smartphones, not only at discharge, which will normalize over time.

Another use of 5G networks in smartphones is the world of multimedia streaming. With the arrival of services such as Netflix and HBO, it is possible to use 5G networks to view streaming multimedia content at the highest possible quality without cuts in between.

In short, 5G is a technology faster and with a more excellent coverage plan and range than 4G and will replace it from 2020.

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