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Google Driverless Car Is Ready To Try On The Road (2021)

Google Driverless Car

  • Google is on track to put its autonomous vehicle into circulation.

Google Driverless Car: Google has finished building the first full prototype of its driverless car. This prototype would have all of the parts that an autonomous car needs to hit the road, whereas the prototype that Google initially unveiled last May was simply an “early mockup” that even lacked headlights. The design of the vehicle has not changed dramatically since, retaining its “smiley car” silhouette. The most significant difference is that the LIDAR system on the top, which allows the Google Car to see the world, is now much smaller.

Since May, Google says it has worked on several prototype cars, each intended to test a specific part of the vehicle, whether it is the brakes or the sensors. This latest prototype brings together all the results of those tests on one car, and Google says the test track tests will be carried out over the Christmas holidays. Next year, Google wishes it could put its car on the road, alongside cars driven by people like you and me. The car will still have a human driver to take the wheel in an emergency, but it’s still a big step for Google’s self-driving car program.

Google Driverless Car Is Ready To Try On The Road- mongersmint
Google Driverless Car
Google Driverless Car Prototype- mongersmint
Google Driverless Car Prototype

Despite its appearance as a cheap electric car, Google has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in this project.

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