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What Is GDDR6 And What Is It For?

What Is GDDR6 And What’s Its Use

What Is GDDR6?: The acronym GDDR6 informs the user which generation the memory chips inserted in a graphics card come from. As you might expect, GDDR6 is faster than GDDR5, as each new generation brings a leap in efficiency, performance, latencies, and voltages required to function. GDDR6 chips consume less than GDDR5, are faster, have lower latencies, and have higher bandwidth. All this is done to make better graphics cards, although they are not the only memory chips built into them.

Today’s graphics card can have memory chips GDDR6 or HBM2, the latter being a technology developed by AMD and implemented in many of its graphics, which promises better development and scaling over the years.

What Is GDDR6 And What Is It For Further Going:

The GDDR6 memory chips are manufactured by various companies worldwide, having Micron, Samsung, or Hynix as the main manufacturers of these memories for graphics cards. Once implemented in the graphics, they provide them with better performance at high resolutions. The higher the amount of GDDR6 memory, the better the graphics card will perform at high resolutions since a large amount of data needs to be stored for resolutions such as 4K and above. This is highly dependent on the amount of memory on the graphics card.

GDDR6 memory chips offer a baseline bandwidth of 16 Gbps and run at 1.35 V. This is variable since each graphics card assembler can tune the chips they have purchased from Samsung, Micron, or Hynix to offer different features. Generally, by raising the voltage, higher speeds are achieved and greater bandwidth. Similarly, it is possible to overclock GDDR6 memory chips on a graphics card, which is typically based on the use of a program provided by the board’s assembler to increase the voltage and speed of the GDDR chips.

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