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Samsung Galaxy S21: No Charger Or Headphones

Samsung Galaxy S21: No Charger Or Headphones

Samsung Galaxy S21: Last October, Apple unveiled its new iPhones, the iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. All four had in common besides their design and the same processor, not having their respective packaging or charger or headphones. The smartphone was sold naked, in its box with the only accessory that came with a Lightning cable. After mockery and taunts, Samsung seems to be heading towards the same decision with its next smartphones. In particular, the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung still copies Apple.

For once, the tech giants will copy each other. Indeed, Apple a few years ago tried to copy Samsung. In particular by launching “Plus” versions of its iPhone. Supposed to compete with the South Korean Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S21: No Charger Or Headphones- Mongersmint
Samsung Galaxy S21

However, times have changed, and as a source of inspiration in the past, Samsung is now a copyist. Already with the notch that the South Korean has revisited and modified into a drop of water. And now, with the upcoming withdrawal of traditional accessories from the packaging of its smartphones.

Indeed, with its Samsung Galaxy S21 to come, Samsung should copy one of Apple’s decisions. Since last October, it has stopped delivering in the packaging of its iPhone, the charger, and the headphones. Suddenly, it is expected that Samsung smartphones will soon be also devoid of it. At least in Europe.

Why a withdrawal of accessories anyway?

In fact, no one will really know the real reason behind the telephone giants to deliver their devices now without chargers or headphones.

Samsung Galaxy S21: No Charger Or Headphones- Mongersmint
An iPhone delivered with headphones and charger – Photo credits: Flickr.

Some, including Apple, mark the seal of the environment and ecology. To justify this withdrawal. According to the brand, many users have several of its products at home, and therefore as many chargers. Another charger would be not only useless but also harmful for the planet.

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