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Samsung Thermal Guardian App Allows You To Control The Mobile Temperature 2021

New from Samsung is an application named Thermal Guardian that allows you to control your mobile’s power and temperature easily.

Samsung launched a new application for your mobiles, which allows more precise control of our mobile temperature, thanks to various settings made on the processor.

The name of the application is Thermal Guardian, and it is a useful tool that was released under the after profit Galaxy Laboratories. Thanks to her, it’s not only possible to reduce processor power To lower its temperature, but it also allows you to do the opposite: increase the processor frequency in a controlled manner for better performance, even if it means a slight increase in the temperature of the SoC.

Thermal Guardian app for Samsung mobiles- mongersmint
The Thermal Guardian app for Samsung mobiles.

This is how Thermal Guardian works.

Rather than providing users with advanced controls and settings, Thermal Guardian simplifies the experience by giving the user the possibility of increase or decrease the temperature of the processor by two degrees, increasing or reducing its maximum power.

While this might seem like a small change, allowing a slight increase in power can make a difference, especially in slightly older Samsung Galaxy phones, which don’t work when playing games with graphics load. High or heavy applications.

The app is also compatible with Samsung mobiles, whether equipped with an Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, to be used by any user, provided that their mobile is compatible.

On the other hand, Thermal Guardian generates graphical reports that let you know which apps increase the device’s temperature. It is possible to close them or review their operation, looking for some background process that has been left behind hanged.

How to install the new Samsung app on your mobile

To can Install Thermal Guardian on a Samsung device, you must first Galaxy Laboratories. This app can be downloaded and installed from the Galaxy Store.

Once installed, we will see a series of installable modules. Among them is the Thermal guard, and you need to touch the download button to start the installation.

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