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Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition In Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is a popular option for flagship performance at a relatively low price. Samsung launched the smartphone in two versions: 5G and LTE. The two devices differ more than just the network standard. We make the comparison.

With the Fan Edition, Samsung launched a sort of slimmed-down flagship in fall 2020. You don’t really have to go without it compared to the S20 or S20 +. Because the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition can compete with the series lighthouse or even exceed it. Which statement is true depends on which variant you are holding in your hands: Galaxy S20 FE LTE or 5G?

Faster network: it’s clear

The obvious: the S20 FE 5G logically does not support the latest 5G network standard or the LTE version. Expressed in numbers, LTE packs a maximum data rate of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbit / s), 5G, on the other hand, could theoretically reach 10 gigabits per second (Gbit / s). However, you are usually quite far from these maximum values. With good LTE coverage, you can expect 100 to 200 Mbps, with 5G, on the other hand, 800 Mbps.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition In Comparison- mongersmint
Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition

5G is faster than LTE, but the difference is often negligible with normal surfing(© 2020 CURVE)

By the way, a good LTE network is also enough to smoothly surf the web or stream 4K content. So far there is hardly any application for private users who take full advantage of 5G. The only thing to mention here are the super fast downloads. In addition to speed, a major advantage of 5G is low latency, that is, the time between input to the device and the response from the addressed server. Gamers in particular are familiar with the term “ping”. The shorter the time here, the more games are responsive.

More power in the 5G model

The Galaxy S20 FE LTE relies on the Exynos 990 as a chipset – like the other S20 series models available in this country. He is already doing his job very well and has enough performance for the future. But unfortunately this processor must admit defeat to its direct competition from Qualcomm.

The Snapdragon 865 is not only a little faster, but above all more efficient. This has a positive effect on the battery life. And with that, we have the biggest difference. Because the S20 FE 5G has this Qualcomm chipset. So if you want to use the best Android chipset of 2020 in the S20 FE, you have to use the 5G model.

Memory differences

The Galaxy S20 FE LTE is available in a version with 128 GB or 256 GB of internal storage. The larger version also has 8 GB instead of 6 GB of RAM. With the 5G model, however, you still have to get by with 128GB and 6GB. In everyday life, however, this difference is negligible.

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If you take a lot of photos, the 256 GB memory of the LTE model is advantageous. As an alternative, you can always upgrade to a microSD.


The screen, camera, and color choice are the same in both versions of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition and probably play a bigger role than small technical differences for most users. Both models convince of solid material at a good price and are also worth a look in 2021.

Finally, the question arises about whether – aside from battery consumption – you even notice a significant difference between the 5G and LTE models. The answer: at least not in the country yet. 5G network coverage is limited to large cities for the foreseeable future, and an excellent LTE network is usually already available there. If you’re not using 5G, you can at least expect a slightly longer battery life from the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G, thanks to the more efficient chipset.

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