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Google Assistant Tips And Tricks Best Practices 2021

Google Assistant tips and tricks: After a Google Now far behind Siri, the Big G has put all its efforts into developing an Artificial Intelligence capable of managing Apple’s assistant, and he succeeded, to the point that aroused envy among iOS users.

Google Assistant Tips And Tricks Google Assistant is Google’s voice-activated personal assistant that can answer questions, play music, check traffic patterns, read a calendar, and help control your smart home devices. Google recently announced that Google Assistant is expanding to Android TV as Google Home becomes Google Assistant.

Google first introduced Google Assistant at its developer conference in May 2016. Since then it has quickly spread across Google’s platform including Google Allo and Google Home.

This guide continues to receive updates thanks to community feedback; let me know if you have suggestions or any tips!

What Is Google? What Is The Assistant? “So what exactly is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is a voice-activated conversational assistant, much like Google Now or Google Voice Search. Google Assistant can be used on phones, watches, TVs, cars, and more.

Google has made Google Assistant available on some other platforms as well – Amazon Alexa devices have Google Assistant integration and the Jibo social robot also uses Google Assistant (it’s built-in).” “The best way for you to think of Google Assistant is as a virtual personal assistant that can help you with just about anything.”

Google launched Google Home, a smart speaker featuring Google Assistant, at its October 4 event. In addition to answering questions and playing music from services such as Spotify or YouTube Music (more options are coming soon).

Google Home speakers will also provide Google Assistant-powered answers from Google Search and Google Maps, Google Photos, Chromecast, Google Play Music. Google has plans to integrate third-party services such as Domino’s Pizza and Uber.

Google is also launching Google Assistant on Android TV as Google Home becomes Google Assistant. Google Home is a voice-controlled smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. Google Home is Google’s equivalent Amazon Echo, which Google Assistant can help control smart devices in your home such as lights and thermostats.

How To Get Started With Google Assistant?

How To Get Started With Google Assistant-mongersmint
Google Assistant Tips And Tricks 2021

Google Assistant, Google’s virtual assistant, is arguably one of the best in the market today.

Google Assistant is available in Google Allo (a texting app), Google Home (a ‘smart’ speaker like Amazon Echo), and Google Pixel Phones (the Pixel 2 starts at $649). If you have a Google Account, you also get Google Assistant on any Android smartphone running Android Marshmallow or higher by simply saying “Ok Google”.

Google Assistant can do many things.  It can set alarms and reminders; send texts and emails; give you directions to places; tell you about your day–your calendar events and what news stories are coming up; play music for you through YouTube Red, Spotify Premium, or Google Play Music; read Google Play Books to you; tell jokes and act as your personal comedian, and even do Google search queries for you.

Google Assistant can also give you the weather and traffic conditions around where you live or a city of your choosing.  It can find restaurants with Google Maps integration (so you don’t need to separately download Google Maps). But most importantly, it can help get things are done throughout Google’s vast empire of apps and outside of them too.

From reviewing Google Photos albums in 3D to being able to order an Uber without opening the app, here are some tips, tricks, and commands that will make Google Assistant kick butt.

To get started with Google Assistant, you must first update your Google app for iPhone or Google app for Android. This is how Google Assistant was made available to users. Google Assistant will only work if you have Google Home paired with your Google Account and Google Play Services on your phone. If you do not want a separate device, Google has announced that Google Assistant will be coming to all smartphones running Android Marshmallow and Nougat. Google Assistant is also coming to iPhones, but it won’t be as deeply integrated as Google Home or Google Allo on iPhone though (it will reside in Google’s dedicated app for Google Assistant).

The Google Assistant that almost all of us have on our Android has endless possibilities that you can use for fun, have a good time, play games, and even learn something new and curious. Without further ado, let’s get down to business. Here are some Google Assistant tips and tricks you can do in your free time.

Google Assistant Tips And Tricks:

Google Assistant Tips And Tricks-mongersmint
Google Assistant Tips And Tricks

Hey Google, can we play games?

Is there a better way to waste time than play with your own assistant? It may sound like Black Mirror, but these Google Assistant tips and tricks can keep you entertained for a long time with many games. Just say, “Are we going to play something?” », This will show you a list of games ranging from snake to trivia games. In each of them there are several other options, so choose the one you like the most.

My favorite, like a good movie buff that I am, is to guess movies with emojis. However, there is also a trivial type which is super fun. It also has an almost endless list of questions going for about half an hour without repeating a single question. Take a look!


Google Assistant Tips And Tricks 2022-mongersmint
Google Assistant Tips And Tricks

Hey Google, sing me something.

Get ready to laugh, because yes, Google Assistant is capable of singing. Another Google Assistant tip and tricks conclude that: it has something for everyone, from reggaeton to flamenco, all related to the functions it can perform. To test it, ask it to sing you a song. At first, he is a little shy and will tell you things like he is not ready or that he’s ashamed (it’s unbelievable), but if you insist, he’ll sing eventually.

The style I sing to you is entirely random, but for heaven’s sake, try til I sing reggaeton because it is the best that Google could put in the assistant. When he’s finished a song, say things like “Another,” “Sing more,”… to keep him singing.

Hey Google, tell me a joke.

Here is a bit of everything I tell you already. If you ask Google Assistant to tell you a joke, something funny, tell you a joke, etc., the assistant will unleash all your creativity and humor, which is a cool Google Assistant tip and tricks, and it can even make you smile. Better yet, and this is something I discovered while doing this post, is that Google Assistant changes the tone of voice based on a joke. For example, in the left catch joke, the wallet joke, GA puts on a lousy voice like a worried woman when the thief speaks.

He has others that aren’t that funny, but he drops some good every once in a while. Make tests because Google Assistant has jokes to have a good time. If you tell him “Tell me more,” he will tell you more and more, endlessly and beyond.


Hey Google, tell me a fun fact.

If learning new things is your thing and you’re a curious person, you’re going to love this. Google Assistant can tell you interesting and interesting facts if you ask. Just say, “Tell me a curious/interesting fact,” and it will start telling you things you probably didn’t know, and it hasn’t been repeated once, and for all that make this a top Google Assistant tips and tricks one can search for!

Hey Google, tell me a riddle.

If you want a challenge, it is better to tell google assistant to tell you a riddle. The truth is, these are complicated puzzles (especially if, like me, you’ve never been very good at them), but they have a problem, and that’s right after you tell you the puzzle. Tells you the answer, which makes him lose a little grace. You’ll learn new things via this Google Assistant tips and tricks to tell your friends.

Command: ‘Take me back

Google Assistant is great at remembering things you tell it. When Google Assistant hears the words “take me back” or “go back”, Google Assistant will ask you to confirm that you want it to go back to a previous Google Assistant command or Google Now card that Google Assistant was showing you.

Command: ‘What can you do?’

This serves two purposes 1) to show Google Assistant’s limits so you know what Google Assistant can and cannot do; 2) this also opens up Google Search for more granular searches and allows you to get answers from Google Search instead of Google Assistant (for example, if Google Assistant doesn’t understand your query, say “Ok Google, ask Google about…” before continuing with your question).

From here on out there are different ways of controlling how Google Assistant addresses you.

Voice Match allows Google Assistant to recognize the sound of your voice and respond more uniquely and effectively, knowing who you are (this can be Google Home’s guest mode versus your personal Google Home) or on Android when it knows your Google Account so Google Now Cards that were personalized for you on other devices show up on your smartphone as well).

Command: ‘Hey Google’ vs ‘Ok Google’

Google Home users should use “Ok Google” for maximum effectiveness. Saying “Hey Google” will work too but if you have a Google Home nearby, saying “Ok Google” is probably a better choice; this doesn’t affect smartphones because smartphones do not have an equivalent function (because it would take some serious computational power and Google didn’t want to sacrifice your battery).

Command: ‘No, I said’

If Google Assistant is certain that it did not hear what you just asked it to do (because Google Assistant has a near-foolproof voice recognition system), Google Assistant will ask you if Google Assistant actually heard you correctly. Google Assistant might also respond with “Did you mean…” and then finish the phrase in case Google Assistant thinks it knows what you’re asking for. For example, Google Home wanted us to say ‘create an alarm’ instead of ‘set an alarm. However, saying ‘no I said set an alarm’ worked too.

Command: ‘What is my name?’

This serves two purposes 1) so Google Assistant can personalize its interactions with you and tailor Google Assistant responses to reflect Google’s understanding of your identity (as Google has gathered from Google services); 2) Google Assistant will ask for confirmation if it heard the question correctly but Google Assistant doesn’t recognize that you said “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”.

Command: ‘Turn off living room lights

This is one way to control Philips Hue Connected Bulbs (lightbulbs that you can change colors on). Google Assistant tells you what lights are turned on and then lists all of the possible things Google Assistant can do. It also provides some tips like asking Google Home to ‘turn off everything’. You could also say, ‘turn my lights [color blue]’ or a specific color-coordinated name of a Google Home supported color. Google Assistant will also refer you to Google Home support or Google Express (if you are trying to use Google Assistant via Google Express) if it cannot complete your command.

Command: ‘What can you do?’

See the Voice Match section for more information about Google Assistant’s voice recognition system. This is one way of finding out what Google Assistant can help with, including asking Google search questions and making requests of other types. You could also say “Okay Google, how do I change the temperature?” and then ‘set my temperature’ if you want Google Assistant to set the thermostat on a Nest-branded thermostat (Nest itself also has its own voice commands). In this manner, Google Assistant can help you with Google search, Google Home commands (like playing music), and Google Express shopping too.

Command: ‘What time is it?’ or ‘what is the time?’

This command will tell Google Assistant to tell you what time it is (in your format of choice), including telling Google Assistant that you would like Google Assistant to read numbers in another language (“alright Google, how do I say one hundred million dollars in Chinese?”). Google Assistant also provides an incredibly detailed list of different ways it can get the answer to you just by saying some phrases (“how about this”).

If Google Assistant doesn’t understand what you’re asking for, Google Assistant might ask if “you meant” something else or offer a more appropriate query. Google Assistant is not perfect but Google Assistant is getting better all the time; Google Assistant does not ask if Google Assistant heard you correctly when Google Assistant can’t do what you’re asking for because Google would rather Google Assistant be wrong in this situation than bother Google’s customer.

Command: ‘Is it going to rain today?’ or ‘will it rain today?’

Google Home supports multiple languages and dialects as well as multiple locations (some of which Google has not announced support for yet). Apparently, Google Home will know where you are located based on your phone’s location services (which seems fairly obvious) but Google keeps shtum about how accurate that process actually is.

Google Home knows enough about the weather though to provide some pretty nifty forecasts including Google Home’s best estimate of Google Home’s understanding of Google Assistant weather for the rest of Google Home users’ lives. Google Assistant does not provide Google Wallet integrations or Google Express shopping lists but Google Assistant on Google Home can tell you if there is a local store nearby that has what you’re looking for. Google Assistant knows how to use calendars too…though sometimes it doesn’t know when your birthday is (additionally, Google Home cannot yet recognize multiple users and instead defaults to the first user who set up Google Home).

Command: ‘Turn on cat off plate’

(This command spelled out was ‘turn on kitty off platter’) This is how you can use non-standard commands with Google; this capability could be useful in Google Home’s native Google Assistant app but Google simply doesn’t provide a Google mechanism for users to access these capabilities.

Google knows what kind of device (including Google-branded devices) you are trying to turn on or off by name but Google does not yet know the names of all possible Google Assistant actions; Google Home can also do math and conversions too. In addition, Google Assistant can tell you the weather in any location where it has information about the local weather–Google Home even tells you how long the commute will take if your command is phrased appropriately.

Command: ‘Read my messages from Bob’

This command is a way to use one of Google Home’s most underrated abilities: reading messages that were written to you via SMS/MMS or Google Allo and Google Hangouts messages. Google Home can’t reply to these types of messages but Google Home can play them back to you if Google Home has your phone nearby (offline). Google Assistant also uses Google Phone’s voice-to-text transcription capabilities for any command that would otherwise have an audio requirement–even recording the name of a business Google Assistant reads off its search results in order to properly send a command like ‘call the nearest police station’ to Google Home instead of having Google Assistant try and call it.

Command: ‘Play some music’

Google began integrating with Pandora in 2018 and Google Assistant provides integration with Google Express Shopping lists too; however, there is no reason why you should not integrate as many Google services like Google Home and Google Assistant can handle in the future because Google Assistant supports a surprising number of Google services so far. Google Home integrates with Google Calendar for alarms and schedules (and Google keeps track of multiple users too), Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Photos, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Napster, Deezer/Radionomy (with many more coming soon).

Google Home’s ability to integrate with any service that accepts voice commands is still limited but it provides more than enough access to those who want them; Google does not yet offer voice-to-text transcription support for calendar events and will instead respond with ‘I don’t understand if you ask Google Assistant to read your calendar even if Google Assistant can read Google Hangouts messages from Google Home.

Command: ‘What’s the weather like in Seattle?’

Google Assistant commands Google Assistant knows enough about Google to know that there are four Google headquarters (Mountain View, CA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Austin, TX) and it knows the names of most states too but it still doesn’t always answer every Google-related question correctly or accurately. Google Assistant does not support all languages either and its ability to provide accurate responses is currently limited by what data Google has collected at any one time this issue will go away as Google improves its Knowledge Graph service though. Just remember that Google Assistant commands are more than capable of understanding multiple users especially if you use a Google account for Google Assistant.

Google Home supports multiple Google identities too but Google Home does not understand commands from Google accounts that are linked to Google accounts without Google Home’s support (similar issues exist with other Google services like YouTube).

Command: ‘What time is it in Tokyo?’

Google only provides voice-to-text transcription support for its main search engine and Google Translate but if you can’t say it, Google Assistant can type it instead–at least for commands within the scope of what any current machine learning service can do. That means chatbots like Siri and Cortana cannot provide good results yet; at least when you combine them with a mobile device/laptop which has data processing resources that exceed those of Google phones (and by extension Google Home).

Google Assistant is still in its infancy but Google Home’s Google I/O 2016 presentation was already promising enough to believe Google Assistant may eventually be able to replace Google Search results (at least as far as basic conversational interaction goes).

Google Phone responded with ‘I don’t understand’ when asked if Google Assistant will ever be able to pull Google Search responses from Google Home-like Google Assistant on Google Phone could do but Google did promise Google Assistant would host a Knowledge Graph of its own and personalize search results across multiple Google services–if Google can follow through with that commitment then Google Assistant will become an even better personal assistant than Siri or Cortana.

Google Assistant will also have Google Search itself to help Google Assistant keep track of Google search results from Google Play Music, Google Calendar and Google Keep in order to provide personalized results from multiple sources.


As you can see, the power of Google Assistant is in your hands with these tips and tricks. And up to here! It’s amazing what Google has done with Google Assistant, all the secrets it hides, and everything that has not yet evolved. My sincere congratulations to Google, because this is one of the best innovations launched in recent years. If we missed any that are particularly helpful to you, please let us know! We’re always looking for ways to improve our content so it’s more useful and valuable to readers like yourself.

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