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Google Assistant Tips And Tricks Best Practices 2021

Google Assistant tips and tricks: After a Google Now far behind Siri, the Big G has put all its efforts into developing an Artificial Intelligence capable of managing Apple’s assistant, and he succeeded, to the point that aroused envy among iOS users.

The Google Assistant that almost all of us have on our Android has endless possibilities that you can use for fun, have a good time, play games, and even learn something new and curious. Without further ado, let’s get down to business. Here are some Google Assistant tips and tricks you can do in your free time.

Google Assistant Tips And Tricks

Hey Google, can we play games?

Is there a better way to waste time than play with your own assistant? It may sound like Black Mirror, but these Google Assistant tips and tricks can keep you entertained for a long time with many games. Just say, “Are we going to play something?” », This will show you a list of games ranging from snake to trivia games. In each of them there are several other options, so choose the one you like the most.

My favorite, like a good movie buff that I am, is to guess movies with emojis. However, there is also a trivial type which is super fun. It also has an almost endless list of questions going for about half an hour without repeating a single question. Take a look!


Hey Google, sing me something.

Get ready to laugh, because yes, Google Assistant is capable of singing. Another Google Assistant tip and tricks conclude that: it has something for everyone, from reggaeton to flamenco, all related to the functions it can perform. To test it, ask it to sing you a song. At first, he is a little shy and will tell you things like he is not ready or that he’s ashamed (it’s unbelievable), but if you insist, he’ll sing eventually.

The style I sing to you is entirely random, but for heaven’s sake, try til I sing reggaeton because it is the best that Google could put in the assistant. When he’s finished a song, say things like “Another,” “Sing more,”… to keep him singing.

Hey Google, tell me a joke.

Here is a bit of everything I tell you already. If you ask Google Assistant to tell you a joke, something funny, tell you a joke, etc., the assistant will unleash all your creativity and humor, which is a cool Google Assistant tip and tricks, and it can even make you smile. Better yet, and this is something I discovered while doing this post, is that Google Assistant changes the tone of voice based on a joke. For example, in the left catch joke, the wallet joke, GA puts on a lousy voice like a worried woman when the thief speaks.

He has others that aren’t that funny, but he drops some good every once in a while. Make tests because Google Assistant has jokes to have a good time. If you tell him “Tell me more,” he will tell you more and more, endlessly and beyond.


Hey Google, tell me a fun fact.

If learning new things is your thing and you’re a curious person, you’re going to love this. Google Assistant can tell you interesting and interesting facts if you ask. Just say, “Tell me a curious/interesting fact,” and it will start telling you things you probably didn’t know, and it hasn’t been repeated once, and for all that make this a top Google Assistant tips and tricks one can search for!

Hey Google, tell me a riddle.

If you want a challenge, it is better to tell google assistant to tell you a riddle. The truth is, these are complicated puzzles (especially if, like me, you’ve never been very good at them), but they have a problem, and that’s right after you tell you the puzzle. Tells you the answer, which makes him lose a little grace. You’ll learn new things via this Google Assistant tips and tricks to tell your friends.

And up to here! It’s amazing what Google has done with Google Assistant, all the secrets it hides, and everything that has not yet evolved. My sincere congratulations to Google, because this is one of the best innovations launched in recent years.

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