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Sega Mascot: Do you Know What Was The First Mascot Of Sega?

Sega Mascot: If you like video games, you will likely remember the most famous mascots in this segment, right? But what if we ask about Sega’s first mascot? Will you answer? If you are thinking of saying that it was the little boy in the red overalls, Alex Kidd, you were wrong!

Currently super well represented by the blue hedgehog (besides being nice), Sega has already changed mascots three times. As most of you may already know, Sonic came in the early 1990s to retire the character we already mentioned above, Alex.

Do you know what Sega's first mascot was?- mongersmint
Sega Mascot: Do you Know What Was The First Mascot Of Sega?

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However, the company’s history began with nothing less than Opa-Opa, a kind of spaceship, only alive, thinking and with feelings; flashy colors and looks a lot like the recent flappy bird (at least in the movements). With its white wings and oval shape, the mascot was launched in the Fantasy Zone series in 1985!

And look, the bug didn’t live alone! He had a whole family structure in his games: a brother called Upa-Upa, a father, O-Papa; and a son, Opa-Opa Jr. Although he was a super cute character, he and his entire clan were left in Sega’s past (we don’t know exactly why).

Whoever played the game, Opa-Opa, guarantees that it was super exciting and needed a lot of training to pass the stages. One of the great difficulties of the game was the need for quick reflexes and distributed attention since everything happened simultaneously!

Sounds cool. Get to know a little more about this character in the video below:

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