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Do you want to know what the trends in the market for the new decade are? Here are the best Digital Marketing tips for 2021.

Digital Marketing Tips and Trends For 2021: The future is now in digital marketing with big data and artificial intelligence information and the legions of influencers and their followers who are here to stay.

The marketing world is still controlled by the gigantic two-headed monster of Facebook and Google, but marketing strategies are changing.

Let’s start with the still obvious; in 2021, content is still king. However, even this fundamental truth developed.

1. Quality content.

How to develop content strategy: Complete Guide-mongersmint


Global content good content is still the best way to build your audience, but (there’s alway8s a but, right?) Now there’s no reason to limit yourself to a specific location.

Consider the world is your playground, and the English language is your best friend (after Facebook and Google, of course).

The market has never been this global before. Think about this: 60% of the viewers of YouTube videos produced in the United States are located outside the United States.

For what reason should you ignore them?

2. Use Big Data (please!)

Please take advantage of all the possibilities it presents and learn to organize the enormous amount of information provided by advanced statistics, algorithms, audience segmentation, or audience targeting.

Being confronted by all this information can be intimidating, but there is gold there. You need to find it behind all that data.

3. and Chatbots

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They are not sexy or cool, but chatbots are extremely useful in the world of digital marketing. But, you may be wondering, what is a chatbot?

Remember when your smartphone stopped working, and you visited the manufacturer’s website and started chatting with a very nice young lady? Well, she was not a lovely lady.

Chatbots work 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, give immediate responses and do not intimidate customers, which is essential, as we well know.

Still not convinced? So think that by 2022, chatbots will save more than $ 8 billion annually.

That doesn’t sound so bad about chatbots.

4. Build custom stories

Build custom stories- mongersmint

With the advanced tools now available on Facebook and Google, personalization is the name of the game.

Custom Stories is what to do once you have organized all that information provided by advanced statistics and algorithms. You personalize it.

People hate being just a number. 63% of consumers are bothered by generic advertising. Let’s face it, generic advertising with all that information on hand is a lazy and low marketing effort.

Once you’ve personalized the information, tell a story. The stories are engaging and, more importantly, the stories are not boring.

5. Video, video, video

I know what they are going to say, “video again?” I’m sorry, but the statistics don’t lie, and your clients prefer to know your products or services through a short video than any other medium.

Do you remember what I said about the stories? Well, videos tell stories. Think about this; videos are shareable: 70% of consumers have shared a brand’s video.

Are your potential clients doing the work for you? Who can say no to this?

Now, not all videos are created equal. These days, live video is viral. Another thing, learning about YouTube SEO can be of great help too.

Lastly, Google likes videos and is pushing video sites higher in their rankings. Don’t fight Google that will never be a good strategy.

Digital marketing is a continually evolving business; today, more than ever. We must be attentive to see what the new decade brings us and try to keep up.

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