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Short content gets the most backlinks! Here’s why!

A positive relationship between the content of fewer than 700 words and the number of backlinks received. So, why short content gets the most backlinks? Well, it might not depend on the quality but the niche of the text.

Cold content vs. hot content

An article is considered cold (or evergreen) if its interest and relevance remain sustainable over time. For example, content dealing with the subject “How to choose your smartphone” will arouse summer as in winter.

Plenty of news articles were factored into this analysis. Still, it indicates a trend that content that covers hot topics can get lots of links if it’s original and interesting enough.

Therefore, it is clear that hot content, bouncing on the news, and one-off surfing events are more likely to be shared and get backlinks naturally.

The most shared content

Below, you will find the average number of shares by theme:

  • Sport (5,202)
  • Sex and Dating (4,610)
  • Fitness (4,587)
  • Health (3,883)
  • Technology (2,996)
  • Travel (2,928)
  • Food and Drink (2,878)
  • Finance (2,018)

In addition, here are the 5 most shared types of content:

  • How To tutorial article (14,475)
  • Listing / Video (10,251)
  • Tutorial article with video (8,623)
  • List / infographic (7,260)
  • Newsletter (4,914)
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Short content gets the most backlinks!

Articles of 1000 words or less tend to get more shares. However, a lot of posts with a higher word count are shared too. That doesn’t mean you have to aim for a specific number of words to get shares and backlinks. As always in SEO, make sure that the length of the content you offer is appropriate for the user.

The content that receives the most backlinks

  1. How To tutorial articles
  2. General articles
  3. Articles in list form
  4. Newsletters
  5. Videos

Finally, we are quite close to the most shared article formats.

Focus on emotions

Anger is the predominant feeling, which is not surprising. Indeed, on Facebook, users often attempt to engage with content to express a negative feeling.

  • Sports (sadness reaction)
  • Sex and dating (anger reaction)
  • Fitness (WOW reaction)
  • Health (love reaction)
  • Technology (anger reaction)
  • Travel (love reaction)
  • Food and drink (sadness reaction)
  • Finance (angry reaction)

If you write on the subject of health or travel, you are more likely to elicit positive reactions related to love. Likewise, posting fitness-related content can more easily generate a WOW effect.


  • Choose your content format about the expectations of your users.
  • Content of 1000 words or less receives the most backlinks.
  • Anticipate the emotions that your themes can generate.
  • Keep it simple and concise. Your visitors need to find the information they are looking for quickly.
  • Consider posting tutorials in the form of How-To articles.

Well, now you know why short content gets the most backlinks. Got a query? Visit us on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn| for all the latest information and news around the world. Join our tribe and allow us to become a part of your life.

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