WhatsApp Confirmed The Arrival Of Its Multi-Device Function 2021

WhatsApp finalizes the arrival of its long-awaited multi-device function.

Using the same WhatsApp account on many devices simultaneously, without having to resort to tedious account recovery processes and the consequent loss of data from chats has undoubtedly been at the top of user requests for now.

A lot of time. And it was that advanced a few months ago. It seems that finally, the multi-device function will expand its availability to the entire segment of its users.

As they have shared from WABetaInfo, the Facebook messaging application would be considering starting a new beta version ( to test the use of this new function to enable users to join up to four devices use them at the same time.

In other words, you no longer need to open the WhatsApp mobile app to use it on different devices, nor do you need to connect your primary device to the internet.

The only remotely similar function would be the use of WhatsApp Web, limited exclusively to a single browser session. Also, require a constant network connection for the main phone or device.

It never ceases to surprise us that precisely this is the name chosen for this new function.

We’ve seen WhatsApp evolve in the last 12 to 18 months in pretty significant ways, but being able to utilize one account on many devices simultaneously would be a great addition, reinforcing the latest move in control over its billions of users around the world.

Unfortunately, as we have seen with other functionalities, its presence in WhatsApp Beta does not imply that the multi-device function will come in the near period.

Similarly, you can expect that this function will implement gradually by WhatsApp, so it is possible that some functions are not available from the beginning, such as the possibility of silencing, archiving, or deleting chats and messages, which would go away—adding in future builds.

However, it is worth remarking that it is not something innovative since its main competitor, Telegram, once again shows us an advantage with a noticeably earlier implementation.

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