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When Was The First Cell Phone Call In The World Made?

First Cell Phone Call: Very different from the models we are used to, with countless different features and touch screens, the cell phone created by an ex-Motorola engineer, Martin Cooper, had only one function: making calls. In fact, the first call made in the world through the cell phone prototype was on April 3, 1973, more than 41 years ago; by the device’s creator.

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The First Cell Phone Call:

Cooper called his competitors to notify him of his invention, and the conversation was established from the 6th Avenue of New York in the United States. The device used was the Motorola DynaTAC, which looked more like a plastic brick, with its “boxy” design and structure of almost a kilo.

The First Cell Phone Call- mongersmint
The First Cell Phone Call

Despite the regrets, the creator of the phone was satisfied. It had a very rustic appearance, it was heavy, it did not fit in the pockets, but even so, it did not require wires to work (which was the intention from the beginning).

According to reports, the device could cost $ 3,500, which delayed its popularization in the consumer market. In 1979, in Tokyo, the first large network of cell phones was created, and the technology began to spread. For example, in the United States, the devices only started selling in 1983, when a large chain was ready in Chicago.

The First Cell Phone Call- mongersmint
Martin Coopers First Cell Phone Call

From then on, the devices started to take different forms, had added functions, and started to look like what you know today. Even so, all of this was only possible due to the rudimentary creation of Martin Cooper and the call he made from a device that looked more like a cordless home phone.

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