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WhatsApp Trick: How To Know Your Name In Others Contact 2021

WhatsApp Trick

WhatsApp Trick: The fastest, most painless way to save a contact in the address book of the phone would be to use the first and last name, but many naturally feel the need to memorize particular numbers by other means: from old nicknames to affectionate nicknames, passing – in cases of not very close contacts – to things that help you remember at a glance who you are talking to or who is making a phone call. For this reason, knowing how you were saved in the contacts of acquaintances and friends is a legitimate curiosity; using WhatsApp Finding out is not particularly difficult, although it does require a minimum of cooperation from the person you want to steal the information from.

How to know the name used by friends to save you on WhatsApp Trick

On WhatsApp, it is impossible to independently trace the name with which you were stored in the address book by a particular contact: even when your message is forwarded or received by the desired user, it transmits a message, the wording in top of the original message is “You,” which from this point of view is of little use. The only trick to get the desired result is then to send your number of the requested contact.

The procedure

The procedure is simple on paper, although it obviously does not involve simply having the number transcribed but send a virtual card from the phone book. To do this, open the conversation with the desired contact and ask them to follow the instructions below: tap the chat header; press the menu key with the three vertical dots located at the top right; choose the Share item; select your contact. In this way, the contact sends an attachment in the chat: it is the card with its number and coordinates recorded on the phone, which obviously also include the main name associated with this information.

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