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WhatsApp Missed Call Problem: Thousands Of Users Received Missed Calls From The Past 2021

WhatsApp Missed Call Problem- Calls From The Past

This failure already affected Apple mobiles in 2016 and is caused by an error in WhatsApp’s UNIX operating system.

WhatsApp Missed Call Problem: Many users of WhatsApp report that they are received missed calls somewhat strange over the past week because of its date, which is none other than January 01, 1970, a bug that the company belonging to Facebook has already corrected in its last update.

WhatsApp Missed Call Problem: WhatsApp users receive calls from the past- mongersmint
WhatsApp Missed Call Problem

This WhatsApp failure takes us back to 1970

As reported in 20 minutes, a bug appeared recently in WhatsApp, which causes users to receive missed calls in the application with the date of January 1, 1970.

So yesterday on WhatsApp, a friend called me since the 1970s… at 1 am. I wish I had answered. 🕺 (Thoughts on those internet geeks?)

This decision has its origin in the start date of the UNIX operating system used by many applications, among which WhatsApp, and is caused by a timer reset which comes down to the first day of the year 1970

This problem with UNIX time, called Time of the timeThis is not something new since this same failure affected the iPhone in 2016 because iOS used January 1, 1970, as the zero date to start counting days, leaving an iPhone 5 useless.

In this case, this problem is not so serious since we can continue to use our terminal without any problem. What happens is that if we are not logged in to WhatsApp, and someone calls us through the app, it looks badly registered to us, dated January 1970.

Either way, there is no need to worry because the instant messaging app itself already fixed this bug with its latest update, so if you encounter this problem, you need to update Whatsapp as soon as possible.

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