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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Arrived At The Clubhouse 2021

Steve Ballmer Arrived At The Clubhouse

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: After Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, another big name in the technology debuted on the voice social network in recent hours. The former number one of Microsoft Steve Ballmer. The organizers had planned the intervention. It allowed many users to saturate the virtual room created for the occasion from the first minutes as happened with Musk and Zuckerberg’s interventions, the reunion which had Steve Ballmer as the protagonist saw the participation of the maximum number of users intended for a single room.

Steve Ballmer is now known to be the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and has not had anything to do with Microsoft since 2014 when he left the management position of the company he hired in 2000. However, his influence in the group founded by Bill Gates was decisive for the company for better or for worse; for this and its exuberant personality, Steve Ballmer’s is and will remain a name linked to a long time the technological sector.

On Clubhouse, after all, the entrepreneur has tackled questions that relate to both the most recent phases of his life: from his experience as the owner and manager of an NBA team to what he learned in 14 years at the head of the most important technology company of the time. Of advice on product creation and development in the technological field to the analogies between entrepreneurship and basketball; everything – he revealed by closing his speech – by chatting from the tub.

The meeting wasn’t exactly spontaneous: Steve Ballmer had already frequented the platform for days and was spotted in certain rooms by users. What happened yesterday was a real interview organized as part of the Good Time Show, a daily event scheduled and hosted by Sriram Krishnan, partner of the Clubhouse’s largest investor. Fortunately, the turnout in the parallel rooms created to accommodate excluded users was not excessive, and the event did not cause malfunctions in the social infrastructure.

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