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What Do Baby Turtles Eat: Foods Indicated And To Avoid

Keeping turtles as pets is beautiful, especially if they are newly hatched, but we must carefully educate ourselves about what do baby turtles eat and what to avoid.

It is important to ensure that you meet the dietary needs of your turtles every day. As for feeding newborn turtles, it is the same as for adults but with a few more tricks. A baby turtle can survive on simple dry food, but if you really want it to grow up healthy and happy, you should always aim for a healthy mix of fresh food that also allows for seasonal availability.

Newborn turtles, some practical advice

As soon as they hatch from the egg, place each turtle, depending on whether they belong to terrestrial or aquatic species, in its terrarium or aqua terrarium. You don’t have to worry about feeding newborn turtles right away. Usually, baby turtles start feeding only a few days after birth and sometimes even after a week. During this period, they consume the nutritional reserves stored in the egg yolk and then begin to ingest the food they find in the surrounding environment.

After a few days from birth, little by little, start giving them some food. The one used for adults will be fine. An essential aspect, turtles do not require weaning. Another indicator to consider is that water turtles tend to be carnivorous when they are small, and only as they grow do they progressively move towards a vegetarian diet. It complements its meals with proteins and balanced foods because only with proper nutrition this cute animal can live with us for a long time.

What do turtles eat in the wild?

The best diet for a pet tortoise is fresh and varied to provide a variety of nutritional sources. There are suitable and unsuitable foods for turtles, especially if the turtles are aquatic and/or terrestrial. As to the soft-shelled turtles, the turtles feed mainly on proteins that can be found in water as spiders, shrimp, fish, crickets, snails.

The tortoises tend to be herbivorous animals that eat vegetation in their region. The foods they can eat are grass, leaves, wildflowers, cacti (and cactus fruits), fruits (blueberries, palmetto berries, raspberries).

Your newborn tortoise’s feeding plan should initially be based on supplemental feed or gel caps, readily available in specialty pet stores. However, we recommend that you read the labels carefully to ensure that your pet tortoise always receives the best and appropriate diet possible. Essential micro and macronutrients, how it works for humans.

As we have already said, turtles have different dietary needs depending on their nature. In fact, those of the land will need an omnivorous diet compared to a water turtle that needs more raw puppy meat but will prefer herbivorous or slightly omnivorous diets, like an adult.

How to read the label? Here’s the right balance of food values ​​to follow:

  • Simple proteins (minimum 40%)
  • Simple fats (minimum 10%)
  • Simple fibers (maximum 5%)
  • Ash (maximum 9%)
  • Vitamin E (minimum 160 IU / lb)

What do newborn turtles eat?

What do newborn turtles eat- Mongersmint
What Do Baby Turtles Eat | Source: Pixabay|

If you feed the newborn turtles with food, this should not be administered more than once a day or. Sprinkle the food on the surface of the water and give him as much food as he can eat in 15-20 minutes. Other foods can be served on a small plate or bowl so they can easily feed themselves, but remember that vegetables and herbs need to be mashed to prevent them from eating too large chunks and then choking. We never leave food in a turtle’s bowls or cages, where it can get moldy or rotten. We always clean the bowl and the turtle cage before adding another serving.

Whenever possible, it is also better to prefer fresh foods rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as dandelion, rapeseed, rose flower, violet, romaine salad, chicory, lettuce, clover, and alfalfa. There should be no shortage of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, melon, pineapple, Apples, which should constitute only 10% of the diet of a land turtle.

We avoid offering the turtles dairy products such as milk, yogurt, or cheese. They cannot digest dairy products, and these foods will make them sick.

Calcium and live foods for newborn turtles

Veterinarians also recommend leaving a newborn turtle inside the enclosure. Broken shell available as a source of calcium. It would also be good to start supplementing with vitamins and minerals, especially calcium carbonate: take cuttlefish bone, the one you give to canaries, and grate over the vegetables you give to turtles.

Since tortoises are omnivorous (especially tortoises), their diet may be based not only on herbs and vegetables and occasionally fruits but also on raw lean meat.

Some “Live Foods” are also indicated for feeding newborn turtles, such as earthworms, snails, snails, beetles, grasshoppers, and shrimp. Its availability is easily accessible by asking pet stores for live reptile food. Once brought home, you have to ration them for your domestic turtle. A good and proportionate diet of newborns is also important for their adult life.

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