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Watson and Kiko: True Friendship Between Animals

Watson and Kiko The Friendship

Watson and Kiko: The friendships between animals online have practically abounded since the Net existed. Still, few have such lasting success as between Watson and Kiko, two golden retrievers that drive users of all the social platforms in circulation crazy TIC Tac. They celebrated their first 5 years together with a video of more than 5 million views.

The two four-legged dogs haven’t known each other exactly since birth, but they “introduced themselves” only 5 years ago. Their mistress, 27-year-old Mexican American Jennifer Medrano, adopted Kiko when she was already 5 years old when Watson was only an 8-month-old puppy. The age difference between the two was no obstacle to their relationship: Kiko – with brown fur – and Watson – with her white-beige coat – immediately befriended, and today, they can be seen like two celebrities from the social world.

Sure Instagram, Watson, and Kiko have been proselytes for years: the photographic social network has been the scene of hundreds of snapshots, where the two show themselves in the most unthinkable poses that have earned them 1 million followers. In the first videos, the couple rose to fame for falls back by Watson on the older brother, and the account is updated a lot and regularly. Sure TikTok, their company is more sporadic and especially more recent: The first video was just over a year ago, but Watson and Kiko’s music videos are also a hit.

 In particular, a video this summer in which Watson “apologizes” to his half-brother for stealing his food has garnered over 60 million views, while other clips have topped 10 million views. The one published a few days ago is a celebration of the years of friendship between the two: today, Watson and Kiko are 5 and 10 years old, and millions of followers wish them the best wishes for many more years together.

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