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How To Go Live On TikTok 2021+Full Guide To Make The Most of TikTok

How to go live on TikTok? Why is the feature available only to a particular category of users, and what needs to be done to get into this category? Going for a Live broadcast on Tik-Tok is an opportunity to interact with subscribers, answer questions, remind them about yourself in front of your subscribers. In this article, we will discuss all this in detail in the article.

Live is real-time filming of yourself in front of your subscribers. The user takes a video of what is happening to him and broadcasts the recording via a social network. Unlike regular clips, the live stream is not saved as video footage on the blogger’s page. You can watch it only in real-time.

How to go live on TikTok steps:

1) Open your TikTok app.

2) Go to your profile tap the setting icon and then tap “Go Live” which is located at the bottom of your screen. It will ask you to sign in with Facebook or Google if you aren’t already signed in and tapping on anyone will open it up for you. Then select the time slot from a list it gives you and then click the “Start life” option.

3) After getting authorization from Instagram/Facebook, you can start your first live stream by clicking on “Click Here To Start Your First Live Stream!” after selecting the time slot.

4) Now you will see that you have 10 seconds to write your first caption, after tapping on the “Start Live” option located at the bottom of your screen.

But before you go live on TikTok and do some chit-chat with your followers, read the following guidelines given by TikTok. We will also provide you with a step-by-step guide for achieving your goals on TikTok.

How to go live on TikTok and how many followers on TikTok to go live? 

You must meet the following criteria before going live on TikTok:

  1. You must have a registered social network account. Then go and download the application from Google Playstore or App Store for iOS users, install it on your device and log in.
  2. The number of your fans (users subscribed to the channel) is at least 1,000 people. Only after reaching 1000 Subscribers the function for going live will be added to your profile, and you will get the opportunity to shoot a Live video on TikTok. The Live going feature is added on the same day or the next, after the subscription of a thousandth fan. If the page loses subscribers and there are less than 1,000 of them again, the function will be disabled.

The restriction for going live on TikTok was made to unload the social network. The live broadcast is not limited in time, so one live video takes up more space than several short clips.

Alternative options To Go Live On TikTok.

How to go live on TikTok if you have not yet gained 1,000 subscribers? In the old version of TikTok, you can start broadcasting using special applications. So in Google Play App Store, there was an application called the TikTok Live program. The features of this application made it possible to broadcast regardless of the number of subscribers or fans you have on TikTok. As of 2018, the program is not working, and it has been removed from all stores.

Several other apps also offer live streaming on TikTok. However, in our experience, none of them works. User reviews also confirm this: in the comments to the applications, they note that the program is not configured, and also, it is not available anymore.

How To Get First 1000 Subscribers On TikTok:

How to quickly gain subscribers on Tik-Tok

Let’s go straight to the main part of the article. Let’s take a look at the 11 best tips and tricks to get a ton of live followers on TikTok quickly.

1. Shoot interesting videos

Shoot interesting videos- mongersmint
How to go live on TikTok: Shoot interesting videos

It is trite, but the basis of successful promotion on TikTok is high-quality content. Interesting videos will gain a lot of likes, views, and comments. 

High-quality content will get into recommendations faster. If the video gets into the rivers, then the organic growth of the audience will increase by 2-3 times. For example, if a video is included in the recommendations, then in a few days, you can get the first 1,000 subscribers.

2. Analyze trends constantly:

Analyse trends constantly- mongersmint
How to go live on TikTok: Analyse trends constantly

See what is currently relevant in TikTok – which videos most often fall into the rivers. To do this, just watch the video in the feed and get inspiration. 

Be sure to add popular topics to your content plan. Trending videos will accelerate the growth of subscribers – people will go to your profile from the recommendations and subscribe.

3. Participate in challenges:

Participate-in-challenges- mongersmint
How To Go Live On TikTok: Participate in challenges
  • TikTok regularly hosts challenges. To see the current challenges, go to the “Interesting” tab.
  • Take part in challenges: shoot interesting thematic videos.

4. Collaborate with other Tiktokers:

Collaborate with other Tiktokers-mongersmint
How to go live on TikTok: Collaborate with other Tiktokers

Try mutual PR. Find 5-6 bloggers and offer them cooperation: they will advertise your profile, and you will advertise them. Also, do collaborative videos like duets. This is a completely free way to recruit subscribers.

5. Set up ads for your promotion:

Set up ads for your promotion- mongersmint
How To Go Live On TikTok: Set up ads for your promotion.

Recently, TikTok has been able to set up official ads. This is a paid way to promote – you will need a large budget. We recommend starting with 100 Dollars.

If you need a more budgetary way to attract subscribers, then it is better to use a promotion and other methods described in the article.

6. Try mass following and mass liking

How to go live on TikTok: Try mass following and mass liking

You can get more engagement through mass following and mass liking. This will give you more subscribers, likes, and engagement to your TikTok page: you need to follow other users and like their videos. They, in turn, will follow you and like your videos in response.

7. Use hashtags:

Use hashtags- mongersmint
How To Go Live On TikTok: Use hashtags

Don’t forget about hashtags – add them to every video. But only use thematic tags. 

For example, if you are shooting a video about animals, you do not need to use hashtags that are not relevant to your content – for example, #Auto, #Beauty, #lifehacks, etc., even if these tags are more popular.

Using thematic tags, you attract only the target audience, which will subscribe to your account and watch your other videos. 

This is a slow way to engage your audience. Unfortunately, getting a million subscribers just thanks to tags is hardly possible. But in conjunction with other methods of promotion, it will definitely give a tangible result.

8. Comment on other people’s videos:

How to go live on TikTok: Comment on other people’s videos

Comment on other people’s videos – for this, find 30-40 interesting profiles. Try to leave comments under recent videos, where there are still few comments. This will allow more people to see your message.

But don’t be spammy: you don’t need to write comments urging you to subscribe to your TikTok profile. You will be blocked. Better write meaningful posts on the topic of the video.

9. Use other social networks to grow your Page

How to go live on TikTok: Use other social networks to grow your Page

If you have other popular social networks – for example, an Instagram profile – then use them to attract subscribers to TikTok. 

Make a post with a call to action: ask followers on Instagram (or other social networks) to subscribe to your TT profile. Tell us what kind of content you are filming.

10. Monitor audience reactions

How to go live on TikTok: Monitor audience reactions

Track the statistics of your videos. See what content your audience likes: gets the most likes, comments.

Based on this, create your content plan. Shoot videos on topics that “hit” your target audience the most. This will increase your organic profile growth.

11. What you need to do before doing promotion

How to go live on TikTok: What you need to do before the promotion

3 Crucial Benefits of Being Live on TikTok

Creating better content takes effort and lots of time. If you are serious about making it in TikTok, make sure your goal is to create high-quality content.

Set a Goal:

While this may sound easy at first, it requires a lot of work from you on every possible aspect of the platform. From knowing the right tactics for growing your following to getting views and likes on every video that you upload, there’s no question why creators everywhere are trying so hard just to get more followers on TikTok — everyone wants their video to go viral.

So what should be your primary objective? Simple: To stand out from the other millions of users who have already flooded the platform with literally thousands upon thousands of visually appealing videos.

Yes, the competition on TikTok can indeed be pretty intense at times. However, this does not mean that you should just give up and stop making your own content — quite the contrary actually! Every day, creators are coming up with creative ways to get more followers on TikTok. You should do it too if you want to take advantage of the opportunity and use TikTok as a platform for your career aspirations, whether that means dancing or singing for a living in front of thousands of viewers or simply getting discovered by record labels from all over the world.

But what exactly should be your goal? Perhaps it’s better if we start first by defining what success really looks like when it comes to TikTok.

As a creator, your job should be to bring joy to the hearts of your viewers and give them something less ordinary that they can watch every day. This is not always going to happen; however, it should be your goal as you create content for this platform — Is it a music video? Or maybe just a short skit wherein you show off your dance moves? It doesn’t really matter which genre you want to pursue on TikTok. As long as you are creating high-quality videos then there’s nothing wrong with pursuing whatever goal you can think of when making use of the app!

Go Live At Least Once A Day:

Keep in mind that if you’re just starting then you probably don’t have a large audience on TikTok yet. You must get more followers on TikTok so that you can keep yourself relevant on the platform and your videos won’t be buried beneath all the other content being uploaded every single day.

People are on this platform to watch cute animals, stunning scenery, funny pranks, quirky life hacks, and wonderful beauty tutorials. The point is: everyone enjoys good video content; however, it takes effort to create good videos for TikTok since there are millions of users who upload their own less-than-subpar content.

To become successful in TikTok, you should do everything possible to get people’s attention: Be consistent in uploading good content.

This one may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many creators out there aren’t really that consistent with their uploads and simply expect to get a lot of views just by posting stuff as soon as they get the chance to do so — it doesn’t work like that though.

You must remember: This is not 2018 anymore! TikTok has millions upon millions of users who are uploading new videos daily. You cannot depend on getting organic views from strangers in hopes of having your video go viral anymore; this is just going to make everyone’s job harder when trying to find the best content online. The only way for your video to grab any attention at all today is for you to create high-quality videos that actually have value to your followers.

This one may sound cheesy; however, it is a well-known fact that successful creators will always try to build strong social relationships with their viewers and interact as much as they can without sacrificing the quality of their content. By interacting with your viewers through comments and messages on TikTok — without being annoying or obnoxious about it – you are already going a long way in achieving this goal!

Your other option would be to get creative when uploading your videos so that your viewers will be compelled to share something from your feed. This is more likely if you include some kind of call-to-action within the description section of every video, whether it’s one created for a contest, giveaway, content promotion, or some kind of challenge within the platform.

Ultimately, you’ll need to do both in order to get noticed by potential sponsors and record labels on TikTok as well as gain more prominence among your audience. Just remember that most successful YouTubers didn’t start with millions of followers; instead, they got there through hard work and consistency when uploading their videos.

Apply For Talent Content Partnerships! #PromoteYourArtWork:

When it comes to working with brands on TikTok then you should always strive to create high-quality videos that actually have value for your viewers – not just brief Instagram stories that will go unnoticed in an instant. Of course, you should make use of the app for what it is intended to be; however, if you’re posting stuff just for the sake of trying to get a lot of views then it’s going to backfire on you in the end.

Remember that TikTok is not YouTube: It was truly designed for short-form video content rather than long-form content and this is still reflected within its users’ preferences. You’ll be surprised how much competition there already exists with regards to making music videos on TikTok today! So instead of simply putting your entire energy into creating long-form content – which most people will struggle to watch anyway – put more focus on producing high-quality clips and posts that are easy and convenient to consume.

Follow the basic TikTok guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to growing a substantial following for yourself! You can easily follow up with brands after getting in touch by tagging them within your videos; this is a great technique that will make you stand out from all other TikTok users who just want to expect popularity without actually providing their followers with any real value.

Think about it: Why would record labels or movie studios care about working out some kind of deal with creators who post content just because they think that this may get them more views? Not only does it sound like a complete waste of time, but it’s also something that nobody wants to be associated with since these kinds of deals generally drive down your credibility as an artist.

Ultimately, you’ll need to be consistent with uploading your clips since this is one of the most important aspects of growing a substantial following for yourself on TikTok. You should try to find creative ways of piquing your audience’s interest if possible; just remember that it’s not only about constantly posting new content onto TikTok but also keeping the app fresh and relevant whatsoever time they decide to visit the platform.

One easy way would be by making it a habit to focus on specific trends every day: Rather than depending on random chance or “voting” at will, stick to creating similar kinds of videos each day. This could include different genres such as comedy, drama, romance, horror, action, etc. and it would still allow you to showcase your creative range as well in the process.

What’s more, is that you can always keep things fresh by constantly coming up with new ideas for your content; this will not only make the experience of watching a TikTok video more memorable but also make it stand out from all other videos currently available on the platform. You’ll be surprised how much extra effort can pay off when uploading a music or film clip onto TikTok – so take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still here!


Now you know how to get subscribers to Tik-Tok. Use all the above-mentioned methods described in the article. This will help you reach your first audience in no time. Everything needs consistency; if you are serious about TikTok, give some time and be consistent about your goal definitely; you will achieve your first milestone in no time.

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