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Spotify Ads Studio: How To Use It For Free In Your Advertising (2021)

Spotify Ads Studio is almost available in all countries. By using Spotify Ads Studio, you can monetize your audio music. Spotify gives the opportunity to all the young generation musicians to create and monetize their music.

How does Spotify Ads Studio work?

Spotify has several advertising solutions, but Spotify Ads Studio, its self-serve advertising solution, is the easiest to use. You have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Ad Studio and sign up.
  • Define the audience you want your ad to target through demographics, location, interests, activities, and listening habits.
  • Create your ad. Spotify Ads Studio has a free voice-over tool to help you create your ads. Check the next section of this article to see all the available formats.
  • Measure the results. Ad Studio provides reports on the performance of your Spotify advertising in real-time so that you know what is happening at all times.

What are the Advertising formats on Spotify?

Below we are describing all the Advertising formats on Spotify:

  • Audio ads: the most popular format. Audio announcements are integrated between one song and another, so there are no distractions, and the user can focus on the message. You can complement it with a clickable link so that the user can visit your website or application.
  • Sponsored Session: A 30-minute ad-free listening session sponsored by your brand. This format is only displayed when the screen is in view and the sound is activated for maximum impact.
  • Video TakeoverVideo Takeover ads are displayed when the user is browsing the Spotify catalog to discover music and podcasts, that is when the screen is in full view. Also, they include a companion banner with a customizable call to action to encourage interactions.
  • Sponsored Playlist: An exclusive sponsorship of Spotify’s most popular own playlists, connecting your brand with fans through their favorite music. This format encourages interaction through native promotion and “in-playlist” formats.
  • Overlay: a full-screen display shown when a user re-enters the Spotify application, ensuring maximum visibility. Also, the user can click on display to visit your brand’s website or app.
  • Homepage Takeover: a maximum impact format that places your brand on the Spotify home page 24 hours with a large clickable banner. Besides, you can include interactive multimedia elements to encourage further interaction.
  • Megabanner – A standard IAB display unit that displays exclusively for 30 seconds. The mega banner is clickable and only shows when Spotify is in view.

7 Spotify tips to optimize your advertising

7 Spotify tips to optimize your advertising- mongersmint

  • Take your time with audio announcements.  According to Nielsen, 79% of audio consumption occurs while consumers engage in incompatible visual media activities. That means they are not going to change stations, so you have time to tell your story. And according to Spotify, users care more about the message than the length of the ad.
  • Give importance to context and content.  The quality of the ad content and its relevance to the user are the main factors contributing to a successful advertising experience. Therefore, Spotify advises developing audience segments to promote this relevance.
  • Communicate the benefits of your product.  Talk about exclusive offers or promo codes in your audio ads and combine them with a sense of urgency to call users to action.
  • Use your sound identity.  If your brand has a distinctive jingle or sound that the audience easily recognizes, feel free to use it! This familiarity helps you quickly grab the user’s attention and improve their listening environment.
  • Include a call to action. Calls to action are essential to generate offline actions. According to Spotify, creatives with direct calls to action can see 4.4 times more customer influx.
  • Be clear and don’t deviate from the message. Please focus on the essential information you want the user to remember and use a conversational tone to address them directly.
  • Tailor the call to action to the way you listen. Remember that Spotify users are often doing something else while listening, such as training or cleaning the house. So look for ways to respond to the call to action other than clicking.

Success stories of advertising on Spotify

Do you need inspiration? Take a look at what these brands have done with Spotify Ads Studio:

  • Frontline is a brand of pet products that set out to end doggy stress. To do this, they sponsored “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast,” a relaxing podcast original from Spotify that includes audio announcements on a frequency that only they can hear.
  • Volkswagen touted its new lane assist feature with an immersive audio announcement that recreated the real-life experience for drivers so that the right lane alert sounded in the right ear and the left lane alert in the left ear. Because this technique works in any language, the campaign reached drivers around the world.
  • The  BBC  wanted to promote its nature program to younger users. To do this, they created a series of 3D audio announcements with which listeners could travel to another world with the roar of the waves, the howl of the wind, or the call of birds and monkeys.
  • Allbirds wanted to highlight the ecological sensitivity of their shoes in a sector dominated by synthetic materials. To do this, they launched the “Meet your shoes” campaign, with ingenious audio and video advertisements in which the protagonists went to look for the tree that had given rise to their shoes.

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