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7 Destinations To Try The Best Bread in Spain

Seven destinations to try the best bread in Spain: Every October 16, World Bread Day is celebrated, a date with which the International Bakers Federation (UIB) wants to recognize the history and future of one of the oldest foods of humanity. Similarly, in Spain, bread is one of the essential foods when it comes to eating. So it is not surprising that there are more than 300 different types throughout the country and that each region has its typical bread, not counting those from other parts of the world.

Bread is one of the main foods of Spanish gastronomy and, therefore, from Indie Campers, they propose to celebrate this day by traveling to one of the corners of our country where we can taste the best bread in Spain.

Galicia: Bread Of Broa:

Seven destinations to try the best bread in Spain pan-broa- mongersmint
Galicia: Bread Of Broa: The best bread in Spain

The Galician bread of Broa, made from wheat flour and natural yeast, is a traditional cereal food that originates in the high northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain).

Bread of Broa is also an essential food on the night of San Juan to accompany the sardines. It is perfect for soups and broths with a rustic texture, crunchy crust, and compact crumb.

This rustic bread has been around since before history was recorded in this area. The primitive culture of Los Millares thrived there in the Neolithic Age. This culture left behind many clues to help find out more about them: cave paintings and objects found at different archaeological sites throughout the Spanish provinces of Almería and Murcia.

Among these clues, we find heaps of millstones that were used to process grains for food making. In one place, Los Millares, pieces of dough mixed with grains have been discovered together with other pieces thought to be the bases of millstones.

In prehistoric times, people ate a type of thick porridge made from grains and water known as “Cachirulo”. This name comes from the Latin word “caseus”, which means cheese, or from the Spanish word “cache”, meaning claw.

It was not until later that they began to knead wheat flour with hot water and oil to produce a dough that they would then roll flat and cook on a ceramic griddle over a wood fire.

Valladolid and Palencia: Pan Fabiola:

Seven destinations to try the best bread in Spain pan-fabiola- mongersmint
Valladolid and Palencia: Pan Fabiola: The Best Bread In Spain

If we want to try exceptional hard crumb bread, we have to go to Valladolid or Palencia. The Fabiola Bread, whose name honors Queen Fabiola of Belgium, belongs to the Guarantee Mark of Castilla y León, which means that it is a protected food and recognized as part of the gastronomy of the province of Valladolid. In a traditional way or the shape of peaks, we can learn to make this hard bread in the Museo del Pan de Mayorga (Valladolid) or in the Museo del Queso y el Pan (Palencia), where they also sell them in their respective stores.

This bread has a sweet touch, with little salt and flour. “It is baked naturally in one day, for which it is important to ensure that the dough is very dry when it goes into the oven,” says Ángel García, who owns this bakery located inside another museum, its own, Museum of Breads of Castilla y León. The same process occurs with the regular Fabiola Bread, but it does not make part of this registry due to its reduced size compared to the traditional loaf of Valladolid.

“It’s a delicious hard crumb bread,” says Ángel García, owner of the bakery Museo del Pan de Mayorga.

The bread is called Fabiola Bread because it was named in honor of Queen Fabiola of Belgium. This bread belongs to the Guarantee Mark of Castilla y León, meaning that it is a protected food and recognized as part of the gastronomy of the province of Valladolid.

To make this type of hard crumb bread traditionally or shaped like peaks, one can go to Museo del Pan de Mayorga (Valladolid) or Museo del Queso y el Pan (Palencia), where they also sell them in their respective stores. The process for baking this type of bread is similar to what is done with the regular Fabiola bread, except it does not have its own registry because of its smaller size.

Catalonia: Pan Payes:

PanPayes- mongersmint
Catalonia: Pan Piyete Bread is known as One of the Best Bread in Spain for any Fish dish.

Catalonia is a region in Spain that has made this Best Bread for any Fish dish. It is known as Pan Piyete, which originates from Tarragona, Catalonia. This Best Bread for fish usually comes with white wine sauce and clams/mussels. People who are not fond of seafood can also enjoy this Best Bread by eating it with chicken or other vegetables/meats.

Catalonia (One of the Best bread in Spain) is made of bread dough mixed with lard and salt, then covered with flour and left to rise again after having been shaped into round balls about 5-8 cm thick. These Best pieces of bread are typically 15 centimeters across but some bakeries may even produce one of the Best Bread of Spain for up to 30 centimeters in diameter. However, the Bread of fifteen centimeters is the most common size.

The bread is then left to rise for at least an hour and a half before it is baked. During this time, the bread dough almost doubles in size because yeast causes bread dough to bubble up like foam through chemical reactions.

After baking the Catalonia bread, the crust will be light brown on top with dark brown or black spots on some pieces (if the baker did not cover the bread during baking).

After baking, the bread comes out moist on the inside but crispy on the outside which gives it an excellent taste along with its smell that awakens your taste buds into action. This Best Bread in Spain has no additives or preservatives and can spoil quickly if not wrapped or covered well.

Catalonia bread or “Bread for fish” should be eaten within a day of baking it and should never be heated up in the microwave because this will cause the bread to lose its outstanding qualities. You can freeze it but it needs to be thawed at room temperature before eating.

Gran Canaria: Potato bread:

Gran Canaria: Potato bread: Best Bread in Spain

Gran Canaria: Potato bread is considered one of the best Bread in Spain. This Bread is very important in Spanish cuisine. You can serve the Gran Canaria Bread at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The Bread was first made around 3,000 BC in the Middle East – Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). Bread is produced by applying pressure to doughs that contain water, flour, and yeast.

Gran Canaria Bread is baked by applying heat to the outside of bread dough with an oven. You can also bake this Bread inside earth ovens where heat surrounds Bread dough.

There are many different types of Bread cooked all over the world, including Rotis (Indian Bread), Tortillas (Latin American Bread), Lavash (Central Asian Bread), and Pita (Middle Eastern Bread).

Gran Canaria potato bread is famous for its high quality because it contains potatoes, flour, and yeast. 

This Bread can also be made from different types of flour, such as refined flour or wholemeal flour, depending on preference. You can bake this delicious Bread in many ways.

For example, Bakers can also bake this Bread by applying heat to the outside of the dough with an oven resulting in a crusty exterior and a soft interior in a process known as baking.

You can also cook this Bread inside an earth oven where heat surrounds dough in a process called “steaming,” resulting in a slightly chewy interior and crispy exterior.

Potatoes are mashed to create potato puree then mixed with the other ingredients into the bread dough. The raw Bread is put into an oven until it becomes golden brown, making Gran Canaria potato bread considered one of Spain’s best kinds of Bread. Bread is a staple food in Spain and very popular.

Gran Canaria Bread has been around for thousands of years and has evolved into many different kinds of dough to fit into different cultures throughout the world. You can make this Bread from mashed potatoes to create Gran Canaria potato bread, one of Spain’s best kinds of Bread.

Cadiz: Pan Manolete:

Cadiz: Pan Manolete: The Best Bread In Spain

Cadiz: Pan Manolete Bread is one of the most popular breads in the area of Cadiz and also known as one of the best Bread in Spain. It is said to have originated from a Jewish baker who fled after the fall of Gades, or which was later called Cadiz by the Romans during the Christian era.

An article on Everyday Andalusia notes that Bread Manolete Bread is named after Pedro Romero de Torres who is know as Pan Manolete Bread because he was famous for his work with bulls in Seville.

He was also known to be one of the first bullfighters to carry two swords while fighting against bulls instead of just carrying one sword which surprised everyone including himself when he killed five bulls consecutively with both swords at Madrid’s Las Ventas Bull Ring. Bread Manolete Bread has become more widely known because of this. It has become the popular Bread in the area of Cadiz because Pan Manolete Bread is said to have already existed when Romero de Torres Bread was just starting out as a Bread Bullfighter.

Pan Manolete Bread is made from flour, sesame seeds, sea salt, yeast, olive oil and water. Sesame seed Bread Roll is topped with coarse salt before being baked which gives it its unique taste.

It can be eaten on its own or dipped into other dishes such as soups or stews to give it more flavor. People who have tried this bread have said that it’s crispiness allows you to enjoy not only its flavor but also its. This makes it really easy Bread to eat Bread.

It is usually served at Bread restaurants along Bread other types of Bread like white Bread, whole Wheat Bread and different kinds of Breads.

Pan Manolete Bread has become more popular not only in the area of Cadiz but also all over Spain because Pan Manolete Bread has different Bread textures and flavors. It’s is just something that can’t be found anywhere else.

People from Cadiz usually eat Pan Manolete Bread along with other types of bread because this Bread offers a variety of delicious options that can satisfy anyone’s Bread cravings.

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Castilla-La Mancha: Blessed Bread:

Seven destinations to try the best bread in Spain pan-bendito-mongersmint
Castilla-La Mancha: Blessed Bread: The Best Bread In Spain

This white bread is typical of the peninsula’s interior, especially from different areas of Castilla-La Mancha. Apart from the usual ingredients, lard and olive oil are added to it.Castilla-La Mancha Bread Bread in Spain Bread Recipes Bread Pudding Bread and Butter Bread Rolls Bread and Cheese Spanish Breads Spanish Food Breads in Spain Bread Culture.

Every region in Spain has its own bread. In the Castilla-La Mancha region, they eat bread called pan bendito, or “blessed bread,” with their meals or snacks. The bread is sweet and soft and made in thick slices that are usually enjoyed with butter. They start this bread by making a big Starter.

It’s an essential part of most recipes for baked goods; it is like a sponge starter for sourdough bread. When the dough starter sits overnight, it becomes bubbly because of the fermentation process.
The bread is made with fine white flour, leaven (baker’s yeast), and salt. Some people like to add a little sugar to the dough as well because it makes the bread slightly sweeter, but it isn’t necessary either. An essential thing to consider about this recipe is that you let it sit for at least 12 hours before baking and eating it.

The longer it sits, the more flavor and sweetness your end result will have. People usually make their pan bendito on Wednesday or Thursday night before they bake on Friday morning for Sunday lunch or dinner, but you can also make them ahead on Saturday night if you’re planning to serve these sweet loaves on Sunday. Either way, the bread tastes much better when it has time to sit and develop its flavors than if you eat it soon after making it.

How Bread is Made Bread Pudding Bread and Butter Bread Rolls Bread and Cheese Spanish Breads Spanish Food Breads in Spain Bread Culture
It’s important to note that pan bendito is not like normal bread. It can’t be eaten by itself because it would be far too dry, but once you spread butter on top, this sweet bread makes a wonderful snack or dessert.

The process of getting from doughy starter to end result may seem complicated at first glance. However, after taking the time to make this Castilla-La Mancha dish yourself, you’ll see how simple and well worth it this recipe is.

Teruel: Canada Bread:

Seven destinations to try the best bread in Spain Pan-Canada-mongersmint
Teruel: Canada Bread: The Best Bread In Spain

Teruel is a small town in the province of Aragon, Spain. Teruel is most famous for Canada Bread, a unique recipe made with eggs and olive oil. Teruels traditional bread weighs over two kilograms and has an overwhelming taste of egg and olive oil.

Although the bread is usually cut in thick slices, it can be difficult to eat because of its toughness and dryness. The dry taste can be fixed with a glass of wine or water. Teruel’s Canada Bread is believed by the locals to have been created from an ancient Roman recipe that was found in Teruel during excavation work.

In 2014, a group of young bakers opened a small bakery called “El Horno de Leña,” where they produce traditional teruel bread following a secret family recipe passed down through three generations.

Teruel’s old city is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites because it contains important landmarks such as churches, religious squares and pathways that tell stories about medieval life.


Bread is a fundamental part of the Spanish diet and there are countless varieties to try. We hope you’ve been able to find a bread that suits your taste buds and budget. So, if you haven’t found the perfect destination for some of the best bread in Spain yet, We’ve highlighted 7 destinations with some of the best bread in Spain so you can get started exploring this staple food today! there is something here for everyone! What other types of bread have we missed? Let us know by subscribing our newsletter below for more articles like this one on all things travel, culture, and cuisine.



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