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How To Write A Perfect Guest Post Article

How To Write A Perfect Guest Post: tips and good practices to apply in your content strategy Posting guest posts on other blogs is a way for your business to reach a new audience, position yourself as an authority and get good links. If you follow some blogs, you must have perceived that it may be common for third parties to be posts written as guests.

This is an interesting practice for those who publish since it is difficult to maintain a frequency of good articles, but it is also highly recommended for those who write.

Always Participate in Guest Post

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That is why we always indicate that you participate in this practice on behalf of your company. This post will show you the benefits of writing a guest post, finding channels to publish, and creating suitable content for these occasions.

The benefits of publishing guest posts We have seen how some companies question why to invest time in producing content and publish on another site, generating traffic for it instead of publishing on the blog itself and directly reaping those fruits.

It is undoubtedly a relevant point, but some advantages can be explained: Reach a new audience. The work to create a community and have a good number of people around your brand is hard, and the numbers tend to grow slowly.

In parallel, other Websites are doing the same. They already speak to your audience. Writing for one of them means reaching a new audience, with great potential to reach people who have never heard of your company before. Position yourself as an authority Being present in various places speaking as a specialist on a certain topic offers great value, which is to give you – and consequently your company – the position of authority.

It is possible to position that image in readers’ minds and make your name present when they think about it. Get good links. When it comes to SEO, receiving links from other websites is one of the main factors to improve organic positioning.

The more quality links your company receives, the greater the chances of reaching Google’s top positions in the keywords that are important in your business. Guest posts on relevant blogs on the market is a guaranteed way to receive one of those links. How to get a publication

There is a process that is not always easy between finding some options and getting an ok for the publication. Therefore, we bring some tips that can increase your opportunities: Find good goals. The first step to guest posting is choosing a good blog or portal.

Research before writing a Guest Post.

Give priority to those who relate to your topic or who at least have an audience interested in your domain issue. Follow some market experts on social media and see what content sources they use. This is a good way to find good vehicles. Google searches can also help you find some results.

There is also a Google Chrome plugin that points to similar pages and can help you find more options. Once done, identify if it is really worth posting to that site. See the impact (number of times shared on social networks) of the latest posts or how many followers the blog has on Twitter and/or Facebook. Another option is to use Open Site Explorer and measure the authority of the domain.

Make relations before writing a Guest post.


It is possible to do a thorough process and identify the websites with the greatest benefit with great precision. Try to build a relationship beforehand or look for common contacts. It is not usually straightforward to publish on a quality site since they have a reputation to maintain and may not trust anyone who contacts them. Therefore, it is essential to start a relationship before placing the order to publish.

Try to initiate that contact through comments in posts, emails, or on social networks. It also helps to share content from the site on your company’s social networks.

Face to Face Contact

A little valued strategy, but one that is undoubtedly effective, is face-to-face contact, in meetings, cafes, and events, for example. Finally, another option that works very well is to be recommended by a common contact. It may be worth looking up the blog editor on Linkedin or Facebook and checking if a close friend shared a connection. Have a good content portfolio.

If your company already has a good history blog, it is easier to gain credibility and receive the ok to publish.

Have something to show beforehand

How To Write A Perfect Guest Post Article

The history shows mastery of the content, the cohesive way of showing ideas and grammar, and whether the topic is beautiful. It is much easier for you to be accepted if you have a blog with content already published than if you did not have it created. Try to have something to show beforehand.

When there is no close relationship with the blog editor, and you want to initiate contact to publish as a guest, seek to describe the topic and the text’s structure to show commitment and knowledge of the matter. Sending a briefing is much more effective than just asking if you can send a guest post.

Choose the perfect Theme.

How To Write A Perfect Guest Post Article

If the content is rejected, which can happen for various reasons such as editorial line, style, or format, ask the ally if a topic you can develop for the blog or send topic ideas for the editor to evaluate. Ideally, send at least 3 suggestions. How to write a good guest post. There are some important aspects when writing a guest post.

This can guarantee better results and a good relationship with the blog owner, who can mention your company and your content more times and even open other doors: Adapt to the blog’s editorial line. Commonly, there are great differences in the approach between each blog, and that must be respected when writing your text. Among the most common items we must observe: Theme: is the most important.

There is no use trying to write about a topic that is not common on the blog or is attractive to that audience. Look at some old posts, see what had a good impact, and try to work well on defining an issue that you like; Content: in addition to the theme, the content itself must be appropriate. The public can be more beginner or more advanced in the matter, making a difference in vocabulary and advice.

Do Research

How To Write A Perfect Guest Post Article

The blog can have a more formal or informal approach, and this must be taken into account in your text; Text format: try to identify if the blog usually has shorter or longer texts, if they use images or not, if they are divided into paragraphs and use subtitles or are larger blocks of text. This will maintain familiarity for your readers.

Write good content, not propaganda. A blog will only make sense to accept good quality texts, which they would write themselves if they had more time or more knowledge on the subject.

Generate value in your writing

How to write a perfect headline

Various blogs charge as “public editorial” when the intention is to promote a specific product or service. To publish for free as a guest, it is necessary to generate value by writing interesting texts. The higher the quality of your text and its likelihood to stand out to readers, the greater the reader’s chances of wanting to know more about who you are and what you do.

Use the links with caution. One of the biggest benefits of posting a guest post is controlling the text, including the links and their respective anchor texts.

Use limited Links and Keywords.


There are advantages in using links to your company’s important pages and using keywords that summarize the content well as an anchor for those links. This, in addition to bringing traffic to your site, will help those pages to rank better in Google. However, be careful with the excess of links throughout the text. Besides being less efficient in SEO, the website is usually not well received that opened the doors for you. It gives the impression that you are writing just taking advantage, filling the text with links to bring traffic. It is advisable to balance the links for the site itself and third parties, as it shows a bit of impartiality.

Some blogs only allow you to use the link in the signature. Look to analyze old articles and see what the policy of use of the blog is. Facilitate the work of the ally. Try to submit your material in a format that is easy for the blog editor to copy and post. Normally Google Docs is the most recommended since it includes the distribution of paragraphs, images, bold and allows the editor to comment on some points that need to be adjusted, facilitating feedback.

Opposite Situation

Should I publish guest posts from partners on my company blog? Let’s now talk about the opposite situation. Does your business blog already receive guest articles? Guest posts are great content that you can use to post on your blog. Beyond being other content, it is a valuable way for your company to maintain a relationship with partner companies.

Likewise, it guarantees an exchange of content for the two companies to reach new audiences. The advantage here is that you do not spend a lot of effort on content production because someone else will be the one to do that. It is important always to align the post’s topic and language before the partner begins to write.

This is essential for the article to comply with the standards of your blog. By doing so, you won’t have a rework with exhaustive edits.

In the MongersMint blog, we have published articles on this practice, the same way we publish as guests on several partner blogs.

And you? Already working with guest posts in your Content Marketing strategy?

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