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How To Make The Hard-Boiled Eggs? Best Cooking Tips

How To Make The Hard-Boiled Eggs Best Cooking Tips-mongersmint

Hard-boiled eggs are great for many different recipes. They can be used as an ingredient in dishes like deviled eggs, potato salad, and egg salad sandwiches. Or you can also eat the hard-boiled eggs with some salt and pepper or a little bit of mayonnaise! One thing that all hard-boiled eggs have in common is cooking time. So today, we’re going to talk about how long it takes to cook the perfect hard-boiled egg, what types of cooking you can do, and some ideas for recipes!

Types Of Boiled Eggs:


The first important thing to know about which type of egg you are using and what’s size. Hard-boiled eggs come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, if you’re using jumbo eggs (which are the biggest), it might take a little longer to cook than regular size eggs. The same goes for extra-large or medium-sized eggs.

Softboiled eggs:

Soft-boiled eggs are exactly like what you think: cooked just enough to solidify the white part and not all the way through. The yolk should still be runny!

For soft-boiled eggs, start by boiling water in a saucepan or pot with high sides. Then turn down the heat until it is at a light simmer (you may need to turn the heat up again later). Then, carefully place your egg in a slotted spoon or tongs and lower it into the water. Cook for three minutes, then remove that egg with the same utensil you used to put it in there.

Medium-boiled eggs:

These are hard-boiled eggs where the yolk is partially set and still a little runny.

For medium-boiled eggs, do the same thing! Place your egg in boiling water at low heat for five minutes, then remove it with a slotted spoon or tongs; you can use these eggs for any regular hard-boiled egg recipe.

Hard-boiled eggs:

These are the most common type of boiled eggs. Hard-boiled eggs have a firm white and completely cooked yolk throughout.

For hard-boiled eggs, put your egg in boiling water at low heat for eight to twelve minutes, then remove it with a slotted spoon or tongs! You can use this egg in so many different recipes. Hard-boiled eggs are great for egg salad, deviled eggs, potato salads, and more!

Poached eggs:

Poached eggs are cooked in simmering water with a little bit of vinegar or lemon juice added to the water. The egg white should be completely solid, but the yolk should still be runny!

So for this, you’re going to need a pot that is about two inches deep and has high sides. Fill it with one to two inches of water and add a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to it. Then, bring the water to a simmer (not too high). After that, carefully crack your egg into a small dish like a ramekin and then gently slide it into the simmering water. Let it cook for three minutes (you can check on the progress after two minutes), then remove the egg with a slotted spoon or tongs. This kind of egg is great for dishes like eggs benedict.

Cocotte eggs:

Cocotte eggs are just poached eggs that you bake in the oven! You can use any ramekin or oven-safe serving dish to make these.

For this kind of egg, place your ramekin with an egg inside onto a baking sheet and put it into a preheated 180º degree for 12 to 15 minutes.

Mollet egg:

This is a poached egg that has soft edges but is still solid throughout.

For this kind of egg, you’re going to follow the same steps for poaching an egg (making sure it’s simmering). Then, after three minutes of cooking time, use a slotted spoon or tongs to remove the egg, shake it around slightly in the water (not too much!), and then place it on a paper towel to dry off. Then put it in the oven under low heat for another minute, this kind of egg is really good for dishes like eggs benedict.

The best way to figure out how long they need is by starting with cold water, adding the eggs, and bringing them to a boil. Then, let the water simmer for about 15 minutes if you’re using large or extra-large eggs (about 12 minutes if it’s medium-sized), and 20 minutes for jumbo-sized eggs.

Cooking Minutes To Make The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg:


Making a hard-boiled egg is the easiest thing in the world, but sometimes we are short of cooking, or we do not arrive. Therefore, depending on the time, we will achieve the following results. In this case, we are really interested in knowing the time for the yolk to come out raw and another for the yolk to come out curdled without becoming dry.

  • Six minutes of cooking: With this time, neither more nor less, we will achieve the result that we see in the photo. Perfect to accompany some vegetable or potato dishes. That unctuousness that the yolk will give you will make a plate of 10, the clear curd and the liquid yolk, a delight.
  • Eleven minutes of cooking: We will get the perfect hard-boiled egg. Many people leave it for about 15 minutes to cook through, but this makes it quite dry. Cooked will be safe but dry.
  • Fourteen minutes of cooking: No more, no less. What do you think? Yes, if we want the yolk curdled but not dry, it is time to have it.
  • Fifteen minutes of cooking: The yolk will be quite hard and will come out darker than usual. I recommend that you put it for 2 minutes in cold water, which will make it lighter. The eggs will be perfect to use for decorating salads or other dishes.

You can also Boil the eggs in the microwave. Put enough water to cover the eggs completely in a microwavable container. Place the eggs in the container and again make sure they are covered by water. Microwave them for 2-4 minutes, depending on how hard you want them cooked (2 min is perfect). Let them sit in the water for about 1 minute before removing with a spoon to place in cold water. If you use this method, the eggs are super easy to peel.

How do you know if an egg has gone bad? It is very simple, take out of the refrigerator and submerge it into a glass with water. Three possible reactions depend on whether your egg is fresh or not:

How To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Easily? 

How To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Easily-mongersmint
How To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Easily
  1. In the boiling water, before introducing the egg, we put a good handful of salt. With this, we will later be able to peel the egg much easier.
  2. With the help of a spoon, we will give a few strokes on the shell until it breaks, and I guarantee that they will peel easily.
  3. So that it does not overcook, once cooked, we will cut that cooking by introducing them in the cold water. If we leave them, they will continue to cook with their own heat.
  4. Always try to use fresh eggs. Currently, we can find hundreds of types of eggs in the supermarket like chicken, goose, quail. The only thing I recommend is that they always are free-range chickens. That is the most important thing.

We hope you find it useful and apply it. And do not forget to share with your friends and family so you can also eat delicious food.

How To Know That We Are Using Fresh Eggs?

How To Know That We Are Using Fresh Eggs-mongersmint
How To Know That We Are Using Fresh Eggs

There is a very simple trick: to put them in water, and if they float, they are not fresh eggs. When we recommend using fresh eggs, they go to the casserole’s bottom, thus preventing them from breaking when cooking. They float because they are not fresh, and if they sink, well, you go.

We recommend that after buying them put them in the refrigerator. You can buy several types of eggs in the market like chicken, duck, goose, quail, or different colors and tastes depending on the feed and time of year (spring and summer).

How To Know If An Egg Has Been Cooked?

How To Know If An Egg Has Been Cooked-mongersmint
How To Know If An Egg Has Been Cooked

There are several ways to know if you have cooked the egg where once we have seen that if we put it in a glass of water and it floats. We will see that is not a good egg. That is because the egg boiled for over 10 minutes has a high percentage of water.

We will put it in boiling water, and if we look closely, we can see bubbles coming out from inside of the shell. That indicates that they are cooked eggs and ready to use. If we have not seen the bubbles and if we see that they are only white, it is because they need to be cooked more.

How long do you need to cook eggs?

It is a question that everyone has asked at least once in their lives, and there is no definite answer since everyone has their own opinion or idea about the time and way to cook eggs.

It depends on the type of egg, whether it is a plain egg or a quail egg (it has different properties), how many eggs we will use in the same casserole, and how we like them cooked.

Recipes To Make With Hard-Boiled Eggs:

Recipes To Make With Hard-Boiled Eggs-mongersmint
Recipes To Make With Hard-Boiled Eggs

There are so many recipes and, as we said at the beginning, we can use them in salads or decorating different dishes. Here we are listing the best recipes to make with hard-boiled eggs:


Very easy to do and fast. Cook the hard-boiled eggs with salt, as usual, cool them in cold water, and peel them. Cut each egg into two halves by vertically dividing it with a spoon. We will see that they are already cut correctly. Once prepared, put them on top of a slice of bread or toast with mayonnaise.


Boil the eggs as usual but instead of putting them in cold water, put them in freshwater with some fresh parsley, thyme, and salt. This will give an exquisite flavor to the egg.


Cook the eggs, as usual, cool them in cold water, and peel them. Cut each egg into three or four pieces by vertically dividing it with a spoon. Once prepared, put them on top of a sauce made from mayonnaise, red pimiento, or some grated beetroot.


It is a very tasty salad that you can enjoy at any moment of the day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and is very easy to prepare. Cut some eggs into eight pieces, each one by cutting them with a knife horizontally. We will see that it is already cut correctly. Once prepared, put them on top of a lettuce salad, add mayonnaise if desired, and decorate with little pieces of toasted bread.


Cook the potatoes, peel them and cut them into tiny cubes. Cut or slice some ham ​​into thin strips or cubes. Boil the eggs, as usual, cool them in cold water and peel them. Now, put them all in a casserole with some olive oil or butter, salt, and pepper. Toss over heat for about 5 minutes until the potatoes are cooked.


It is very simple to make since it only requires cooking the eggs, as usual, peeling them, and cutting them into slices. Once prepared, put them into a sauce that we will make by sautéing some onion, and then, we will add some minced ​​beef or lamb, and once cooked, we will cut it up. Before serving the egg with tripes, we will add tomato sauce mixed with water if necessary.


Some people may not like them, but they are cooked with onion, parsley, and spicy sauce; they are delicious. We will boil the eggs, as usual, cool them in cold water, and peel them. Once peeled, cut each egg into two or four pieces by vertically dividing it with a spoon. Put some olive oil on a frying pan along with chopped onion, salt, and pepper. Once cooked, add the mushrooms previously washed and cut them into small pieces. Cook them all together, stirring well for about five minutes (if you like it with gravy, add some tomato sauce).

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How To Make Boiled Eggs?

How To Make Boiled Eggs-mongersmint
The Hard-Boiled Eggs How To Make Them

Put the eggs in a large enough saucepan with water. The water should completely cover them, so choosing a wider saucepan than a deeper one is better. Turn on the heat and bring to a boil; once boiling, let it continue for exactly three minutes, depending on how firm you want the yolk (you can check by pressing on it with a finger or spoon).

Please turn off the heat and let them stay in hot water for another three minutes. Then, fill the saucepan again and change the water at least three times until you can see that no more foam comes out. That way, we will remove all the sulfur that remains on the outside of the eggshell.

At this point, bring the water to a boil once more and cook for another minute. Then turn off the heat and transfer the eggs to a bowl of cold water. You can now leave them in it as long as you need to make sure that they are thoroughly cooled before peeling or remove them from the bowl and keep them in a sealed place for future use.


This article has spoken about various ways to cook a boiled egg, from the traditional way to flavor it with herbs and mayonnaise. The great variety of recipes in which eggs can be included in salads or even in a dish with meat and potatoes will surely tempt you!

Have you tried them all?

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