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BIC Pen: What Is The Hole In The BIC Pen For?

If not the most used in the world, BIC pens are – at least – the most famous. This is because whenever necessary, they are there, whether borrowed or found somewhere that we never imagined we had left, right?

But it is not the amount of BIC pens in the world or even its popularity that is the most intriguing part of this object. A great enigma that makes people reflect on these pens is their mysterious little holes, tiny and discreet on the side of their plastic structures. You yourself, dear reader, must have stopped to think about this, right?

What Is The Hole In The BIC Pen For

What Is The Hole In The BIC Pen For- mongersmint
What Is The Hole In The BIC Pen For

So, solving this mystery, they say that the hole in the BICs is much more functional than any of us could imagine. This is because they were made to control the atmospheric pressure inside and outside these objects and to prevent them from simply bursting during use in high places, such as in buildings or inside an airplane. Useful.

As they say, this little hole was largely responsible for popularizing the brand, even during the Second World War. This is because, unlike us, the military of the time knew what the hole in the side of the pens was for and had them in batches to avoid dirt and allow them to continue writing safely when they were in the air.

BIC pen- mongersmint

But this doesn’t seem to be the only hole in the BIC pens that usually puzzles people. In 1991 these products got another scoop, this time bigger, at the top of their caps.

According to the brand, this was done to increase users’ safety, who, as everyone knows, love to chew this part of the object (whoever?). So, if children or adults (amaze!) Swallow this piece, and it does not completely block the air passage because of this hole.

BIC Pen- mongersmint
BIC Pen- mongersmint

Did you already know all that?

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