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Justice League’ Trailer: The 13 Best Winks Hidden

Justice League’ Trailer

The trailer for “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” has taken the internet by storm: fans have shredded it shot by shot, and the truth is that if there’s anything in charge of this movie which will be released on March 18 next, it’s clear that it’s different from what we saw in theaters a few years ago. But how many? For now, there are a few nods and details that the trailer drops, which you can see in full here:

Lex Luthor appears

Luthor will be featured in “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” although we don’t know to what extent. Incidentally, this hypo hurricane screaming Superman from Krypton seems to be held back by Doomsday’s massive claw.

The war against the Uxa

In his foray into the temple of Athena, Wonder Woman recalls humanity’s first clash with Darkseid when he still answered Texas’s name. It’s already confirmed that we’ll be seeing these battles in a flashback format and that in the original ‘Justice League,’ we saw them with Steppenwolf. By the way, if you look at the mural of Texas on his chest, you can see the three mother boxes combined.

The arrow shows the way.

Diana’s mother shot the arrow that Wonder Woman holds in her hand in the previous version of ‘Justice League’ (here we will also see, it is assumed, that Snyder did not throw anything). Yes, in Whedon’s movie, we saw how Diana verified this arrow’s fate on the news, the temple. This time, he does not assimilate knowledge about Darkseid by science infused, as it happened there. Still, we’ll see her walk through the premises, learning about Darkseid’s origins and the importance of Mother Boxes.

Donald and Grandma Goodness

Two secondary characters, Darkseid’s sidekicks and who appear in what could be Apokolips in Batman’s Nightmare (with plenty of parademons bowing down on their knees), flanking the film’s villain. Both are part of Jack Kirby’s creations for his epic comics “The Fourth World,” and the Marquis de Sade inspires the first. He has appeared in the “Smallville” television series before, Peter Guinness did his motion capture, and it is he and not Darkseid that Steppenwolf calls “Milord.” Granny Goodness has also been seen by “Smallville” and is one of the most beloved characters in the Mr. Miracle universe.

Now yes: Wonder Woman in action

This explosion sequence could be seen in some trailers for the theatrical version of ‘Justice League,’ but not in the final assembly. With Zack Snyder’s version, we will have the opportunity to get it back. Another famous scene eliminated in the published montage is that of Flash’s encounter with his father in prison, wrongly accused of murdering his mother. A classic plot leads us to Flashpoint, which many believe won’t be resolved in this movie, but The Flash.

Meet Iris West

Also, in the trailer, we have the option to first time seeing Iris West (Kiersey Clemons), The Flash’s love interest, and crashed car in the true super slow-motion style of the hero. Strangely, because it fitted in fairly well with the Whedon version, that streak was left out of the theatrical edit, and Snyder is now getting it back.

Gardner Fox, the icon

The small details of those who generate fans: to Iris’ rescue, we can see a poster from Gardner Fox’s brand. It’s also the name of one of the classic DC Comics writers, author of some 40,000 stories, and the Justice League creator. Little joke with Gardner.

Flying stones

Zack Snyder makes it clear that it’s his Superman with this way of levitating stones around the hero’s fist before starting to fly. You could already see this effect due to the force field that the character generates in Snyder’s first film with the heroes of DC, “The Man of Steel.”

Call Victor Stone

The image of the trailer gives more than talking: it is Victor Strong before becoming a cyborg, in his college jacket and in a place that does not seem earthly. One of the most talked-about theories is that Cyborg may be communicating with one of the Mother Boxes, for which he adopts this more human form.

Flashpoint: first steps

Snyder confirmed that Flash would alter the normal passage of time in your edit. It just might be that moment. This is a very significant event in the DC Universe that perhaps spawns the core of the Flash solo movie (just as it once served as the starter gun for The CW TV series), and which may serve us here to see the Justice League completely defeated by Darkseid, as in the JLA comic book “Rock of Ages.”

Superman, severe mourning

Superman’s black costume is one of the most well-known elements of Snyder’s version that fans are looking forward to the most since that was one of the aspects in which Warner casts dead end: no black suit. This is an element already known in the comics, after the character’s death, where he had to symbolically return to the costume colors and wear what is called a Kryptonian regeneration costume: with his diminished powers, the color black makes it easier to things for him to absorb the sun’s rays faster to regain his skills to full capacity.

Return of the Night Lord

The Batmobile that Batman sits on is that of ‘The Return of the Night Lord,’ the legendary comic book by Frank Miller set in a dystopian future in which Superman is in the service of law and order. Batman is a retired outlaw and a psychotic older man.

“We live in a society.”

The definitive proof that Zack Snyder is either a show without the capacity for subtleties or smarter than all of us put together is in the Joker appearing in the film’s dream scene and citing the meme used … to satirize those who have the Joker as a role model, Avatar Twitter Or other. Twisted irony or brutal honesty? It is possible that the “Zack Snyder Justice League” will give us an answer to this question once and for all.

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Justice League’ Trailer

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