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Cinemas Now Rent Rooms To Play Video Games 2021

Cinemas Now Rent Rooms To Play Video Games

Cinemas Now Rent Rooms: The cinema is in great difficulty. It is heard and read more and more often. The global SARS-Cov-2 pandemic has also caused significant damage to the film industry. The significant drop in turnover demonstrates this; this is demonstrated by the constant carry-overs of movies scheduled for 2020.

This is demonstrated by the empty cinemas, which have not been accessible for almost a year, except for a few brief parentheses. However, as they say, the need sharpens the spirits. In South Korea and the United States, a particular trend is taking hold: Cinemas Now Rent Rooms To Play Video Games to enthusiasts of video games.

Concerning South Korea, the experiment was conducted by the CGV cinema channel, among the largest in the country. The idea came to an employee of the CGV, Seung Woo Han, surprised by the similarities between movies and video games.

“I noticed that games today offer excellent graphics and well-structured stories just like movies,” the man told the BBC, adding: “Both [i media] they have a narrative component, so if anyone could like watching a movie in the cinema, I thought they would like to play video games as well.

“Here is in detail how the rental of a room works for those who intend to use it to play video games in CGV cinemas: before 6 p.m. one or more people (for a maximum of four) can rent a screen for two hours for about $ 90. The price goes up to $ 135 if you want to occupy the room all evening. Users should bring their consoles, games, and controllers with them.

Since the initiative’s launch in early 2021, the CGV rooms have been reserved more than 130 times. The most common customers are men between the ages of 30 and 40, but the trend is also spreading to couples and families. As the aforementioned BBC reports, the initiative fails to replicate – even remotely – a pre-Covid era cinema’s income. Still, it is nonetheless proving to be an experimental and interesting new source of income.

Even in the United States, the idea caught on: the group Malco Theaters has been doing the same since November 2020, making all 36 theaters in Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee available to users.

In this case, 20 people are allowed inside the room, and prices vary from 121.20$ for two hours to 181.81$ for three. Vice-President and Marketing Director of Malco, Karen melton, however, doubts the initiative: “It is gaining ground and becoming popular, but it does not add anything to our profitability.”

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