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How To Control Food Cravings? Complete Guide 2021

Want to control your Food Cravings?

Control Food Cravings: One of the main pitfalls we encounter when we go on a diet is the anxiety suffered by eating some foods very appetizing but having a high caloric content.

The success of a regimen of weight loss usually rests precisely on this issue, on how to control that anxiety that sometimes we suffer and that leads us to attack the fridge at any time of the day or night. We tell you some simple tricks to keep those irrepressible desires at bay and for you to get reach your ideal weight in the shortest possible time.

These are the best tricks to control food cravings

Food cravings or amaxophobia is an addiction that can be kept at bay if we learn to apply a few self-control techniques:

1. Learn to adapt your meals to energy expenditure

Each meal should be scheduled to meet all the energy needs that arise throughout the day. In this sense, it is reasonable that most calories ate the first thing in the day Or, at most, at lunch. Therefore, snacks and dinners should be much lighter since, at this time of day, the energy expenditure that occurs in our body is infinitely lower.

Learn to adapt your meals for food cravings- mongersmint
Learn to adapt your meals for food cravings

2. Reserve an appropriate time of day to eat, and do not do it while doing other activities

It is proven that people who eat or peck while doing another activity such as, for example, watching television, working in front of the computer, cooking, or doing laundry, consume many more calories than those that focus solely and exclusively on the activity of eating, proper. Therefore, it is recommended that breakfast, lunch or dinner, become a real ritual and that you focus all your attention on that moment. Distractions will prevent us from overindulging. There are also several tips to eliminate anxiety to eat in pregnancy, that magical and delicate stage in women’s lives.

Healthy recipes rich in protein

3. Sleep, the best ally

Psychology experts recommend sleep and rest properly to avoid any excess and those produced with food. The people who sleep little have higher hormone ghrelin levels, and therefore have more feelings of appetite. Therefore, we must avoid caffeine intake throughout the day to rest all the necessary hours when it is time to sleep.

Sleep, the best ally to control food cravings- mongersmint
Sleep, the best ally to control food cravings || Shutterstock

How to stay in control of food cravings

There are many techniques to help us keep food cravings at bay and focus, therefore, on losing weight. One of the experts’ tips is to drink the most fluids that are possible throughout the day, especially water and infusions. By drinking liquids between meals, we will be able to trick the stomach and arrive much more satisfied.

organic drinks to control food cravings- mongersmint
organic drinks to control food cravings

Likewise, high-fiber foods are also ideal for controlling unbridled appetite since fiber is much more satisfying than fats or sugars. Also, foods that contain tryptophan (an essential amino acid) are very useful in converting the body’s metabolic processes into serotonin, one of the hormones that produce happiness and satisfaction. In this sense, Bananas, low-fat meats, eggs, or fish are foods high in tryptophan.

It has also recently been discovered that magnesium is an ideal supplement to keep anxiety under control and calm nervousness. Nutrition experts recommend ingesting magnesium through legumes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, or whole grains.

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