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Working From Home: Don’t Work In Your Pajamas!

Working from home: I want to dispel a “rumor” that you may have heard, and that is that freelancers are lucky (and happy) because they can work in their pajamas! If you’ve been on your own for a while, you’ve probably heard things like – How nice, you can do what you want, when you want and where you want! Which is true, but up to a point.

Going on your own means doing what you want, understood as doing the job you have chosen. And it means doing it when you want (that is, organize yourself without having to stamp your card) and wherever you want: you can work anywhere if your profession allows it, often from home, often in pajamas. But they are not all roses. In fact, there are happy freelancers, but also unhappy freelancers …

When you work on your own, there is neither Saturday nor Sunday, and you are not exempt from the boredom of routine: even to freelancers, it can happen that week after week, every day is the same. We are not all nomad workers who work one day on a beach in Thailand and the next week at a coffee table in New York …

Think about it. Since freelancing, probably:

  • every time is good to work – early in the morning, on a lunch break with the bowl of salad in front of the laptop, in the evening until late at night.
  • Everything gets confused – if you don’t have a physical space to work and one to “live,” things get complicated.
  • You feel guilty if you go for a walk in the mid-afternoon on a weekday while everyone is in the office.

Being a happy freelancer and Working From Home isn’t enough to work in your pajamas. But you have to know how to organize yourself because only thanks to the organization can you really “do what you want when you want and where you want” (net of those boring and routine activities that you still have to do to keep your business going).


Remember These Important Notes While Working from home

Always getting up in the morning at the same time when Working From Home every working day should be precisely timed, and you shouldn’t go to bed without knowing what to do the next day. Even if you don’t have any special commitments or plans to deliver, always get up simultaneously.

If you do not have an idea of ​​what to do, in fact, you risk lying in bed and lazing around because “so there are no deadlines.” But your work is not just made up of projects to be carried out and appointments with clients.

You have to take care of many different things (from marketing to accounting, so to speak), so when you are freer, take the opportunity to do things that usually end up at the bottom of your to-do list in favor of the “urgent” ones. Update your blog, participate in some discussion in a group or forum you frequent, look for new customers and new opportunities while Working From Home.

Always go to sleep at the same time in the evening while Working From Home  having a routine is important, but above all, try not to go to bed with too many things on your mind. And please, don’t go to bed after you’ve just turned off your pc or phone. Make a decision that will improve your general well-being: make your room device-free; that is, never take your pc, tablet, or mobile phone to bed while Working From Home.

The light from the screens tells your brain that it is the day, so you have a harder time falling asleep. Also, having too many thoughts in your head at bedtime could make you spend a restless night, during which you would not be able to rest and recharge properly to face the day.

Schedule activities while Working From Home  plan, organize, make outlines. Always write down what you have to do during the day while Working From Home: a well-done to-do-list makes the fear go away. When you finish one of the tasks you wrote in your list, check it or make a line above it. You will feel closer to the goal, and this will have a positive effect on your mood.

Reduce PC distractions– when you get to work, the phone starts to ring, an e-mail arrives, and you go to see what it is, you get a notification on Facebook, and you find yourself an hour later watching a video of kittens? When you are at the PC, do not let yourself be distracted by the outside world.

If you need to focus on a project, mute your mobile and turn off e-mail and social notifications. It is scientifically proven that resuming a task after interrupting takes a lot of time. Numerous researches have shown, for example, that the simple habit of keeping e-mails open and checking the e-mails received takes us 13 hours a week!


Work for small goals while working from home – a mileage to-do-list full of too big goals can make us anxious and stressed. Try to “unpack” your goals in small steps: every time you reach a small goal, you will feel more energetic and want to continue. By doing this, you will reach even the biggest and most challenging goals!

Take a break when you feel stuck while Working From Home – there’s no point in continuing to bump your head into a problem you can’t solve. If something isn’t working and you can’t find a solution or focus, get out of the house and take a walk! You don’t need much to unplug: listen to a song on the radio, have a coffee, or call a friend while Working From Home.

Don’t work at least one day a week while Working From Home- even when you are in a hectic time, always remember to unplug at least one day a week. And above all, on your day off, get distracted and don’t constantly think about work.

Keep track of your time while Working From Home –understanding how you spend your time is essential to manage it well. Several applications can help you understand how long it takes you to do one thing or another. But you can also do it with a kitchen timer or with the stopwatch on your mobile.

When you start a job or project, let it start, and then shut it down when you’re done. Fill out a table where you mark how many minutes or hours you used to complete all the activities, from checking and replying to e-mails, browsing social networks, writing a post or a report … Try to keep track of how you spend your time for a week. You will see that you will also easily find out what activities you throw it away. So you can optimize it.

Don’t work in your pajamas (or in bed or on the couch) – keep a clear distinction between work time and rest or playtime while Working From Home. It will also help you to have a more organized mind, to be less distracted, and to enjoy the moments of rest.

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