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Donald Trump Success Story: From Youth to Today

Donald Trump Success Story: Donald Trump’s success story is non-standard. He was not a poor guy who had dreamed of getting out of poverty all his life. Since his birth, Trump has been a millionaire. His father, Fred Trump, is a construction tycoon who works on residential buildings in New York City. Fred was a reasonably successful property developer, although he lacked the stars from the sky. Tough, decent, neat – Fred made a fortune of $ 20 million. And his son Donald multiplied him, making the real family billionaires.


The president of the United States, Donald John Trump, was born on June 14, 1946. He was not the only child in the family; besides him, Fred and Mary Trump had three more children. But only Donald could continue his father’s work since he was the only one among them who possessed the necessary pressure and aggression, so necessary in big business.

However, in childhood, it took a completely different form. So, when Donald was 13 years old, his parents decided to study at the New York Military Academy. It was mainly done because, due to his character, the future billionaire was almost uncontrollable. What was needed was a harsh environment that would put him in order.  He learned a lot at the military academy, which plays a major role in Donald Trump Success Story. Subsequently, he will remember that it was the academy that showed him how to survive among competitors.

Donald had a reasonably strong bond with his father, Fred, who felt that his son went into him. Trump borrowed many qualities and skills from his father, including the ability to motivate people and influence this world’s mighty, particularly local mayors.

After graduating from the military academy, Donald Trump goes to study at Fordham College. True, he did not manage to hold out in this place for a long time, since looking at Fordham did not attract Trump at all. He firmly decided for himself what he wants to do in the future, and therefore entered the Pennsylvania State University of Commerce.

Overall Donald Trump Success Story

Today Donald Trump is known for his extraordinary image. He is a businessman and a TV star, host of the popular reality show about business “Candidate.” He was also married to three of the finest women, two of whom were from Eastern Europe. He is frequently giving the title of Playboy. Oddly enough, such an odious personality did not manifest itself in any way during his student years. Donald Trump did not drink, did not smoke, and did not become famous for his youth’s love affairs. Moreover, he rarely attended any student events at all. Fellow students will remember that even then, all of Trump’s thoughts are nailing New York.

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