Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World: If you want to go on vacation in summer abroad and have not yet decided which countries you will visit, this article is for you.
We will help you decide with this world’s TOP 10 best places to visit in your summer vacation, a perfect list that includes all popular sites with spectacular natural parks, beaches, and developed cities.

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World.

Let’s start our virtual tour of the most developed country in the world.

1. Alaska, USA

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World-alaska


A cruise through Alaska is the most convenient way to see the prominent beauties of this vast and wild territory of more than 1.7 million km 2, including 178 of the world’s 194 nations.

Only 720 thousand people live in its broad and almost virgin spaces, which has allowed conserving beauties such as its natural reserves, glaciers, lakes, and rivers, with its incredible fauna and flora.
Like Seward, Homer, and Chitina, the picturesque towns of Alaska are more reasons to visit the enormous North American state bought by the United States from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 million dollars.

2. Tahiti, France



Explore the Pacific Islands in Gauguin’s footsteps: French Polynesia includes five archipelagos and 118 islands, including 76 inhabited. Every island has a unique landscape – from volcanoes to coral reefs. The Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, Austral Islands, Tuamotu, and Gambier – enough to impress the most discerning traveler! Surfing, swimming, hiking, diving

Places in Tahiti to Explore –

Taipei waterfall on the island of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas archipelago, Beach on Venus Point, Bora Bora lagoon,  Pink sand of Fakarava Atoll, Rangiroa, a reef island in the Tuamotu archipelago,  Caves of Rurutu Island in the Tubuai Archipelago, Maupiti on the Society Islands,  Pearl farms in Manihi Atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago,  Tikehau beaches on Tuamotu islands, Churches of the Gambier Island.

3. Cancun, Mexico

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World-cancun mexico

Cancun is the most famous Mexican tourist destination in the whole world. Cancun owes its popularity to its beaches, fun adventure parks, nearby Mayan archaeological sites, and hotel capacity.

You don’t have to leave the Cancun hotel area to enjoy the Caribbean’s best beaches. From the famous Scenic Tower, you will have the most spectacular and unique views of this city, and in its surroundings, you can also dive into the best reefs in the sea.

You only have to board a boat in the hotel area or Puerto Juárez to go to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel.

Parks near Cancun, such as Xplor and XcaretXel-Há, offer the most exciting and fantastic adventure sports in beautiful places.

4. Orlando, USA

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World-ORLANDO

The city of Orlando is extraordinary to enjoy holidays for both children and adults. Its amusement parks are the Magic Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, and Universal Studios, which are among the best globally, making it a desired destination for millions of tourists.
Despite being its main attraction, Orlando is not just a park. The city’s development is admirable with the well-maintained highways, a wide range of hotels, restaurants, and places for the first world’s adult entertainment.
Orlando has it all and for everyone. Visit him.

5. Punta Cana,Dominican Republic

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World

Punta Cana is so famous that its international airport carries more passengers than the Santo Domingo airport.
This tourist place on the eastern tip of Hispaniola’s island has amazing and clean beaches with crystal clear water and white sand, such as Cabo Engaño, Bávaro, Arena Gorda, Cabeza de Toro, and Punta Cana. All beaches have excellent hotels and resorts facing the sea.

When leaving the hotel and beach zone, you can also visit the Los Haitises National Park, Saona Island, and Santo Domingo, which is about 193 km away.

6. Rome Italy

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World

Rome annually receives more than 7 million foreign tourists who want to know the monuments of the former Roman Empire. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, Roman Forums are the symbols of the magnificence of that time when the city was the “capital of the world.”
Artists inherited the talent of imperial builders from later periods, mainly the Renaissance, with gems such as the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran, the national monument to Victor Emmanuel II.
The Vatican City and its famous museums bring together one of the most important universal collections of art, housing jewels such as the mural, and The Last Judgment, by Michelangelo.
Italian gastronomy needs no introduction. The dishes like “a la Romana” are all exquisite.

7. Las Vegas, America (USA)

Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World

The “city of immortality” is one of the main tourist destinations in the United States and the world. Las Vegas brought together the most prestigious casinos, the most elegant hotels, the most popular bars, and restaurants in the same city and were the most famous boxing fights in sport are held.
The mafia built the city in the 20th century welcomes more than 40 million visitors from the US and the world annually.
For gambling, staying, and having fun, you have the Flamingo, Caesars Palace, and MGM Grand Las Vegas. The most amazing Mafia Museum and the Grand Canyon of Colorado are 2 hours drive from “Sin City.”
You know what they say. What happens in Las Vegas always stays in Las Vegas.

8. London, United Kingdom the UK

London, United Kingdom the UK

The recent attractions, such as the Coca-Cola London Eye, attract many tourists. London’s architecture and museums remain the main charms of England’s capital.
The House of Parliament with the iconic Big Ben, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Capture the interest of lovers of history and architecture.
The city has some of the most comprehensive museums globally, such as the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, the Science Museum, the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Madame Tussauds, the most famous wax museum of all.
The Coca-Cola London Eye or Millennium Ferris Wheel was once the tallest globally and is London’s modern symbol.

9. Amsterdam,The Netherland

Amsterdam,The Netherland

Amsterdam awaits you with its famed “Venice of the North” canals built in the 17th century, a route that for 400 years has offered the best postcards of the city.
Although the Red Light District, also known as Red Light, is the most popular adult entertainment area in the city, Amsterdam also has its friendlier side, such as Dam Square, the Royal Palace, the New Church, and the Central Station.
Some of the city’s must-see museums are the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, and the Anne Frank House.

10. Maui Hawaii, USA

Maui Hawaii, USA

Maui is the second massive island in Hawaii but the most popular with tourists for its 50 km of paradisiacal beaches, lush jungles, and magnificent golf courses. An absolute beauty.
The island is made up of two volcanoes linked by an isthmus, and its main beaches are Red Sand (Kaihalulu), Hookipa, Big Beach and Little Beach (Oneloa and Pu’u Olai), and Black Rock (Kaanapali).

This place is also considered as Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World. The Lao Valley State Park, Waianapanapa, Haleakala National Park, and the Seven Sacred Pools are natural attractions.
You can see more than 60 delightful exhibits at the Maui Ocean Center, and humpback whales can be seen from its vantage point.

Tell us more about in the comments which place you want to visit or which one is the Best Places For Summer Vacation In The World.

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