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10 Copywriting Trends 2021 Every Writer Should Know

10 Best Copywriting trends 2021

Copywriting trends 2021: Too many brands, overnight, found that their business models, as they were conceived, had become obsolete in the face of a new social and consumer reality.

You already know how the story continues:

  • During the months of confinement, the offline was reduced to ashes.
  • Only essential activities raised the blind.
  • The consumer was forced to change habits.

In the same way that, in general, we were not ready for teleworking, most of the proximity commerce was not ready for the only possible exit: digitization and online salesSo they jumped on the Internet bandwagon, throwing their imagination and enthusiasm into it, but as disoriented as they could.

In fact, the internet became our only point of contact with family and friends for many weeks.

So it makes sense that in 2021 marketing actions in general and copywriting trends, in particular, will be linked to these two objectives:

  • on the one hand, minimize uncertainty;
  • on the other, it increases the connection between people.

The purpose of brands will be more important than ever.

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Copywriting trends for brands

There are no more possibilities than this because the consumer is extremely critical and wants to give their money to brands with a purpose and feel connected somehow. This Copywriting trends 2021’s most humane trend whatsoever. 

This is what happens in extreme situations: we think twice about everything and want to be close to people and brands that, in our opinion, are worthwhile.

We demand brands to be socially aware, abandon neutrality, and get wet on climate change, equality, or healthy eating.

And that they do it without fear because we already know that not everyone can like you.

That is why the best-positioned brands now are those that know why they exist and for whom. Those who are clear about their purpose, mission, and values ​​, and know-how transmit them so that they are known.

So if you don’t want to get lost in a sea of ​​irrelevant brands, it’s time to introspection and bring out all those particularities that your audience can connect with.

Raising your voice and defining yourself as a brand will help you capture a qualified audience and strengthen ties with those customers who really need you.

In 2021, go out into the world without makeup and stomping. You will see that you feel freer and more secure as a brand, which will help you create clear, directed texts with specific objectives. The Copywriting trend of 2021 is to be yourself, to have your own voice.

Also, keep in mind that in general, but especially in bad times, people look for leaders to guide and represent us, who know our principles and our feelings in relation to the circumstances. And we do the same with brands.

As far as brand is concerned, many companies have been making clear what they think for some time without caring what they will say: Dove, Levis, Nike, Gillette … We would not finish.

By the way, be very careful about forcing your branding purpose because the audience loves to peek under the rug.  If you say you are what you are not and they get you, you will be lost.

Podcasts remain one of the best weapons of persuasion.

Recently, Spotify presented its first report on the podcast consumption habits of listeners on its platform.

And here is the data: 38% of those surveyed began to listen to podcasts during confinement.

But it is also that the percentage increases to 45% if we focus on the younger public (between 18 and 35 years old).

And this upward Copywriting trend in 2021 will not stop growing ever.

Among the advantages of podcasts are their easy consumption, the intimate atmosphere that is created between the announcer and his audience, and, above all, the enormous opportunity that this format offers to convey emotions.

The challenge in 2021 from a Copywriting trends 2021 point of view is to sharpen the radar a lot: listen to and research your listeners to find out what issues you can help them with.

Stick your head into social gaming

The marketing digital is this: when you thought you already had controlled all terminology arises something new.

This year social gaming marketing appears in copywriting trends.

Video games have not only been an escape route but also a way of social closeness during confinement. Thousands of people have turned to platforms such as Twitch or YouTube every day to, in addition to playing, engage in conversation, debate, create and share content.

And you will understand that in no way are brands going to waste that ecosystem.

Also, keep in mind that it is not the same to approach the consumer in a work moment as in a playful one when he is more receptive and perceives advertising in a much less intrusive way.

If you are new to social gaming, you may be wondering how brands use it to their Copywriting trends 2021 advantage. Well, the main ways are these:

  • By inserting advertising directly into the game, which is placed as an element within it.
  • Selling items or services that are important to the development of the game.
  • Releasing their own video games to attract users.

Therefore, in this sense, 2021 will provide us with a super-segmented and receptive audience that consumes a lot of content on these platforms and that brands can persuade using Copywriting trends 2021 in three main ways:

  • Ads embedded in video games.
  • Product sheets of articles related to video games.
  • Micro copywriting of the video games themselves.


Sell ​​in: Copywriting for internal communication:

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Copywriting trends in business

The key is that the company knows how to transmit its pillars and its philosophy to the workers and that it does so in a motivating way to ensure that the staff internalizes and live the purpose and mission of the brand.

If a company does not know how to do this, the chances of having employees unmotivated and willing to go to the highest bidder grow like weeds.

Also, when working remotely, this investment in communication must be much greater and, of course, follow a strategy.

Think that a happy employee is the best salesperson a brand can have, so if you have a team under your charge, I suggest you review how you communicate with the people who make it up.

Consider the following:

  • How do you sell your ideas to them so they can make them theirs?
  • How do you generate conversation to involve them in a project?
  • How do you explain where the company is going so they can grow with you?

Record it by fire: today, more than ever, it is important for the company to strengthen its relationship with the workers and implement mechanisms that activate their happiness.

The most effective is end marketing or internal marketing, which is nothing more than developing actions to win over your employees, retain them and retain them, just as you would with your customers.

And in this way, Copywriting trends 2021 are indispensable.

Segment and retain the customers you already have

What Is The Customer Profile (Buyer Persona)?- mongersmint
Copywriting trends for customer retention

Again, it’s about selling inward. There is no other choice but to increase the profitability of all brand actions, and this means getting more out of the customers you already have instead of just trying to attract new ones.

Look at this data: according to Forrester, in 2021, investment in loyalty and customer retention will increase neither more nor less than 30%. And to this end, e-mail marketing and messenger marketing, oriented towards an increasingly segmented audience, will be used to the Copywriting trends 2021 maximum.

But what role do copywriting trends and copywriting play in all this?

This Copywriting trend 2021 is crying out for increasingly personal and precise messages. Because, more than the acquisition of a new product or service, it seeks to communicate to the audience the benefits of belonging to a community or that the client maintains a certain service or subscription that they have contracted.

Adapt your content to voice searches

With Google, every time we talk more and write less. Voice searches have become more than Copywriting trends in 2021, to the point that it is estimated that more than 50% of search engine queries throughout 2020 will have been done through voice.

For this reason, your content strategy and, of course, your copies should adapt to voice search practices since this will be a good strategy to get along with Google and other search engines.

So if you want your customers to find you when they search using their voice, keep the following in mind during 2021:

  • Avoid ambiguities at all costs. It would be best if you got Google to understand the first time what your content is about, so make it easy for them by using synonyms of your keywords in your texts. Also, give clues through the words and concepts surrounding the term you want to rank for (technically called SEO entities).
  • Always keep in mind in which phase of the purchase process your client is. What are you looking for? How would you ask Google why you are looking? In each case, write your texts responding clearly and specifically to these two questions.
  • Try to make your content respond to the user’s famous search intent or search intention so that Google will remove it as a featured fragment or zero results.
  • Keep your Google My Business file updated because, within voice searches, local ones stand out from the rest.
  • Focus on offering solutions to your audience’s needs, since if you do it for Google, you will be the best answer to their Copywriting trends 2021 searches.

Join the boom of short videos

2020 has also been the year of TikTok, Reels, Shorts …, and it looks like in 2021, the fever for short videos on social networks will not stop growing.

The protagonists of this Copywriting trend 2021 are, above all, young people who love this particular way of creating and consuming content. A lot of content! In 2021 you have no choice but to investigate if your audience has joined this Copywriting trends 2021, and if it has, you also have to jump into the pool.

The digitization of offline businesses will continue to grow.

The Challenges Of Digital Marketing For 2021- mongeramint
Digital Marketing Copywriting trends 2021

As a result of the pandemic, many businesses that had not even considered the possibility of being on the internet, much less selling online, have entered the digital dimension at lightning speed.

And given that social distancing will also play a leading role in 2021, the Copywriting trends 2021 of business digitization, and customer relations will continue to rise.

In this tidal wave of new digital businesses, many local businesses are to sell without a doubt what you want. And what is copywriting, if not a powerful sales tool?

In this case, simple copies will be necessary that give clear and direct instructions in search of conversions. And, of course, keep your Google My Business profile updated.


Marketing personalization is not optional.

HOW TO WRITE A PERFECT HEADLINE: Copywriting trends 2021

Technology has been the true lifeline for a good number of businesses. This year, brands will have to continue to take advantage of it to personalize their strategies, purchasing processes, user experience… and, of course, their messages. 

This can be achieved thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allow for segmenting in detail and defining very well where to point with each action and with each client.

Get ready to sell on WhatsApp.

Copywriting trends for WhatsApp marketing

Facebook has finally launched its most ambitious plan for WhatsApp: you can now buy from start to finish within the application. And this is something that small businesses must take into account in 2021.

If a few months ago the business profiles could already show their catalog through the application, the recent addition of the purchase button allows adding a product or service to the cart and placing the order directly from WhatsApp.

Realize how easy WhatsApp makes it for sellers and buyers. This is why Copywriting trends 2021 is incomplete without mentioning it.

Of course, you will understand that the copy will be decisive in this type of purchase process because the particularities of WhatsApp invite the sales messages through the application to be specific and go very to the point.

Especially, in this case, the potential buyer is going to require that you give it all chewed up.

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