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The headline is the hook that will make your potential readers decide to click or not when they see it on social networks or Google.
A good headline should suggest, not reveal; It has to generate a desire for more.
A bad headline can make an excellent article go unnoticed. Similarly, one that generates expectations can turn against you if the content does not respond to the expectations created.

The latter, unfortunately, is quite common. It is what is known as clickbait.
A bad headline can make an excellent article go unnoticed.
With the headline of a post of any blog, we must attract readers’ interest, curious to know what is hidden behind it. We could compare it to the “Subject” in email marketing.
Next, I will explain a series of tips so that our headline arouses interest and does not get lost in the ocean of social networks.


A headline must be unambiguous, concrete, understandable to all audiences, and away from sensationalism or creating false expectations.
Like the first paragraph of an article, the headline should arouse readers’ curiosity, who, with this information, will get an idea of what they will find in the article.
It is convenient that it does not exceed six words and contains the most important or most relevant article, although later in it, other related topics are discussed.

And you don’t need punctuation marks like commas or semicolons.


Short. Be brief. As indicated in the previous section, do not add more than six words. What you want to tell you will develop in the article.
A single idea. Usually, if we look for complete articles, several ideas are exposed in the same post.

For the owner, we must choose a single idea, the most powerful. The clearer, the better!
Descriptive. The perfect headline must describe a piece of information, although the tone can vary. That is, it can be ironic, interrogative, affirmative, persuasive.
Hook word or expression. Use expressions or terms such as “How …”, “The 10 …”, etc. We will mention this in additional detail within the next section.
Superlative adjectives. Include a superlative adjective: best, perfect, more complete, excellent, incredible.
Keyword. Suppose the article is part of a content marketing strategy to enhance the SEO positioning of the blog or web page.

In that case, it is convenient that the keyword to be positioned is included in the article.
Your headline should be promising. Does your headline offer the reader a reward or advantage for reading? If so, great! It highlights what that advantage is.

How to write a perfect headline


The words “hook” are those “ingredients” that should always be added to a headline so that a good headline one becomes a perfect headline one. Here are some:
Secrets / Tricks / Tips .

We are all curious. And if an article reveals something that no one knew to date, we will click to read it. But always remember not to create false expectations! For example: “Five secret methods that you don’t know about …” or “The 4 best methods to …”.

Free. Free always sells, even if it is paradoxical. If in the article, you offer some free content (a guide, an e-book, a template), it sure works.
Absolute / Definitive.

I find it very pretentious to define an article as such since it is not. But many authors title their publications like this: “The definitive guide ..”. It may attract many readers’ attention, but it should be unique content not to disappoint.
Negative words. Although we may think otherwise, negative headlines are attractive, although it is not advisable to abuse. ” Best digital marketing blog you’ll don’t know about” is an excellent example it is the perfect example of absolute/definitive headline.
Mistakes. Expressions such as “The most common mistakes” are usually headlines that capture your attention. For example, “5 most usual mistakes we do on social networks.”

Listed listings. The formula for creating an enumerated list always works. “The 10 best …”, “5 books that …”. It is essential to consider the number in the list: 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 “Round” numbers. Don’t stay at 23 or 37.
Easy. Both the adjective and the adverb “easily” would be valid. Or, in its absence, expressions that denote simplicity. “Guide for beginners…” or “… for dummies”.

Especially advisable when we are addressing an audience with little knowledge on the subject. Action. Always include active verbs that denote action: get, learn, seek, improve. How + infinitive or also known as “How to …”.

Headlines that start with “How + infinitive verb” work very well because they offer a promise, and the article explains the solution.

Also, it is usually a very regular expression in Google organic searches.

“… before …” . This expression generates the need to do something as soon as possible. “The five places you have to visit before the end of the year,” 10 books that you have to read before turning 30, etc. “.
All these formulas can be combined. In other words, the same headline can be an enumerated list and be accompanied by the adverb “easily.”

A good and catchy and perfect headline can also serve as a “subject” in an e-mail marketing campaign. By reading this article, I am sure that you got the answer to your question “How to Write A Good Headline?”.

If you have any query on this topic “HOW TO WRITE A GOOD HEADLINE?” let us know by commenting down below, we are always here to help you out for your query.

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