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Motion Sickness: Best 5 Natural Remedies To Recover

Best Remedies For Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness: We have all experienced dizziness or nausea at some time, being an unpleasant experience due to multiple causes. It can be more or less quick and easy to recover. If you suffer from dizziness and you are not sure what it may be due to, It is a priority that you go to your doctor immediately to consult the situation and find where the cause of it may reside.

Keep in mind that it can be something specific, but that it can also be the result of a disease that we do not know and that can recur, and may surprise us in activities such as driving, swimming or any other task in which dizziness can be fatal. If in addition to going to a specialist you want to know how to act if you have dizziness, in this article we will tell you what can you eat to recover from dizziness, as well as what to take to try to avoid them.

Why may you have suffered from dizziness?

A dizziness is a feeling of discomfort, vertigo and instability that causes us to lose our balance, vomit and even fall and lose consciousness. The causes can be varied and be due to a case of vertigo or labyrinthitis, to imbalances caused by a vision disturbance, a blow to the head, alcohol and drug use, loss of sensation, neurological diseases or the use of medications, tension problems or attacks of anxiety originated by a depression or a panic attack.

Other reasons for dizziness can be pregnancy, dizziness when traveling by car, plane or train, diabetes, the effect of certain medicines or medical treatments, as well as fatigue or food poisoning.

What can you take to recover from motion sickness?

So what can you eat to regain energy after dizziness? Between the Most recommended natural and home remedies to recover from dizziness stand out:

1. The ginger infusion

Ginger Tea Properties To Recover Motion Sickness- mongersmint
Ginger Tea Properties To Recover Motion Sickness || Shutterstock

The ginger is one of the most recommended natural remedies for avoid and relieve dizziness and the urge to vomit. It is very effective if we take it daily in infusions, and can be taken as an infusion with juice lemon and also add some grated ginger. This root has the effect of eliminating the symptoms of dizziness and reducing dizziness and vision. The benefits of ginger ion also allow us to end other ailments such as headaches.

2. The anise infusion

Properties of anise infusion To Recover Motion Sickness- mongersmint
Properties of anise infusion To Recover Motion Sickness || Shutterstock

Anises are also ideal for Elim dizziness, dizziness, and a very digestive infusion and are recommended to treat gas. For this you must make an infusion with half a tablespoon of anise and take it daily so that the effects are noticed. You can also take pureed anises such as carrot or pumpkin.

3. Lemon juice

Lemon juice to To Recover Motion Sickness- mongersmint
Lemon juice to To Recover Motion Sickness || Shutterstock

You can take it mixed with the infusions ginger or alone. It is ideal drink it to cut vomiting and to cut dizziness. Lemon juice balances the stomach’s pH storm, and it is recommended to mix it with a little sugar and sodium bicarbonate.

4. The mint infusion

The mint infusion To Recover Motion Sickness- mongersmint
The mint infusion To Recover Motion Sickness || Shutterstock

Mint is an ideal plant for treatment of digestive problems, being effective in cutting nausea. For this you have to make an infusion with a tablespoon of mint leaves, being also useful to use peppermint oil as aromatherapy.

5. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice To Recover Motion Sickness- mongersmint
Cranberry juice To Recover Motion Sickness. || Shutterstock

If you have vomited along with the dizziness, the juice of blueberry can help you reduce that feeling of nausea and recover from dehydration which can make you vomit.

6. The cinnamon infusion

Properties of honey and cinnamon To Recover Motion Sickness- mongersmint
Properties of honey and cinnamon To Recover Motion Sickness || Shutterstock

This is another effective natural remedy to stop nausea and help you recover from the discomfort caused by dizziness. To make the infusion you only have to prepare an infusion with cinnamon powder or branch and take it. This infusion is not recommended for pregnant women.

As you can see, all these remedies require perseverance and take the infusions daily in order to be able to stop dizziness and vomiting and to be able to recover normality. Decide on the one you like the most and recover in the most natural way.

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