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5 Games For Kids To Improve Fine Motor Skills

5 Creative Games For Kids To Improve Fine Motor Skills: Coordination and precision are the two characteristics that define fine motor skills. A maturational development in children begins around the year and a half. It is necessary to work over the following years to obtain more complex achievements that fully develop their skills.

It is essential to help children develop fine motor skills, and for this, it is best to do it through games and simple crafts with which, in addition to training, they will have fun. Ideas like the ones we propose below.

5 Creative Games For Kids

1. Sets With tweezers

Sets With tweezers Games For Kids To Improve Fine Motor Skills - mongersmint


little ones can develop fine motor skills and pincer work with their fingers through this simple game. Take different colored paper clips and place small pompoms and bits of pipe cleaners on the table or in wide-mouth bowls. The game consists of collecting all the same color elements with the clamp—an entertaining way to work on your manual dexterity.

2. Playdough to help them cut out

Play dough to help them cut out- mongersmint

Hand-eye coordination is essential in fine motor skills. For this reason, it is difficult for younger children, who have not yet fully developed these skills, to cut with any precision. To help you, we propose an activity that will guide you effortlessly.

The idea is to create bands, between which the child will have to cut out, with a little plasticine. We can start by making two straight lines so that the child does not get out of the way and continue complicating the activity by creating curves, circles, or figures. 

3. Working with rubbers

playing with rubbers- mongersmint

This game couldn’t be more straightforward. It does not require more materials than bottles or cans and rubber bands. The proposal is to have the children surround the boat with all the rubber bands they can. The champion of this match will be the one who gets the most tires in a given time.

Another game that can also work with elastics is passing them from one child’s hand to another. To do this, one will have to have the rubber rolled up in his hand, at the fingers’ height, making force with it so that it does not escape forward or retract towards the wrist. In this position, you will have to pass it on to your partner.

4. Fine motor skills with straws

Fine motor skills with straws games for kids- mongersmint

One possibility for your child to improve hand-eye coordination is to have him practice inserting small objects or sticks into holes. You can work on this concept with a cutlery jar with holes and a box of colored straws with which the children will have to go through the pot.

5. Mini children’s clothesline

Mini children's clothesline games for kids- mongersmint

The bottom of a wooden box can be used to create this activity to work the clamping effect. The first step to making this clothesline is to tie some yarns to the two ends of the box to place them. Draw small items of clothing on Eva’s eraser and let the children cut them out. Once the work is done, add a basket with tiny clothespins to your box and invite the children to hang out all the clothes they have cut out.

You can add complications to the game by having them arrange them by color or type of garment. In addition to fine motor skills with finger clamping, they will also learn to create series and sequences.

You can do other possibilities at home. In this case, do read our blogs regularly and find other options you can create at your home.

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