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iOS 14.4, WatchOS 7.3 and TVOS 14.4 Are Available

Yesterday Apple made a new evening of updates for its main operating systems. Indeed, the American firm took the opportunity to unveil version 14.4 of iOS and tvOS, while watchOS inherited a new version stamped 7.3. We come back to the main new features embedded in these new versions of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

iOS 14.4: what’s new?

This update is quite light since it actually only weighs 350MB. And nothing more. There are 3 new features on iOS 14.4.

iOS 14.4, WatchOS 7.3 and TVOS 14.4 Are Available- mongersmint
iOS 14 – Photo credits: YouTube
  • The first concerns the reading of small QR Codes by the iPhone camera. In fact, in the past, a medium-sized QR was required to be recognized by iOS. It is not the case anymore.
  • Also, the Settings application now performs a more rigorous classification of Bluetooth devices connected to the Biddle. Thus, you will be able to more easily know which equipment does what and is connected in real-time to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Third, a notification warns you if the components of your device are from Apple. Including the camera. A notification is displayed to warn you about the components’ origin (original Apple or not).

watchOS 7.3: what’s new?

For its part, watchOS 7.3 has 4 new features. However, the most striking is implementing a Unity dial, inspired by the colors of the Pan-African flag.

iOS 14.4, WatchOS 7.3 and TVOS 14.4 Are Available- mongersmint
WatchOS 7 – Photo credits: YouTube

However, this dial is polymorphic, since depending on the movements of the wearer of the watch, it changes its appearance and conformation.


tvOS 14.4: what’s new?

From the outset, be aware that tvOS 14.4 does not embed any new functionality. Apple preferred to focus on correcting bugs, which unfortunately are numerous on this system that drives Apple TVs.

apple tv remote- mongersmint
Photo credit: Apple TV – Apple

Suddenly, in the end, we are mainly entitled to a gain in performance and stability. Which in itself is not a bad thing for the user experience.

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