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This Xiaomi Electric Bike Costs Practically The Same Price As Its Well-Known Scooters 2021

Xiaomi Electric Bike Launched

Xiaomi Electric Bike: Definitely, Xiaomi continues to bet on electric mobility. In fact, their award-winning scooters have already become a staple of our cities so quickly that we barely got used to them. Still, hey, now Their Xiaomi Qicycle bikes are also growing at a breakneck pace with electric assistance.

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Xiaomi Electric Bike

A range of bikes that started its journey in 2016, breaking the molds of a Xiaomi used to sell quality products at contained prices, but with the Bicycle, R1 exceeded 3636.15 $ at its birth in search of success in a still booming sector.

And yes, if you were wondering, the proof has passed because the Qicycle R1 bike was a success, then giving way to a complete range with more contained prices, which today gives way to the Electrically assisted bicycle, an electrically-assisted bicycle capable of conquering cities in half the world thanks to a similar price to scooters from Xiaomi itself.

Xiaomi Electric Bike- mongersmint
Xiaomi Electric Bike

Similar in design to the Bicycle EF1, its price instantly makes it an object of desire.

It is a bike with 20-inch wheels **, looking for better overall stability and a superior wearing comfort both in town and by road.

Xiaomi Electric Bike Design:

Design becomes simple again, in true Xiaomi style, almost with a regular bike style that doesn’t invite you to think about electric assistance except for the engine compartment and the handlebars’ controls. In fact, even the battery is integrated with the main tube of the frame so that it doesn’t stand out with a visually appealing design.

He has three operating modes, among which are pure pedaling, assistance, and electric operation. He has a light-sensitive display in the center of the handlebars where you can consult all kinds of information regarding the system’s state and the current trip.

Xiaomi Electric Bike Specifications- mongersmint
Xiaomi Electric Bike Specifications

It shows the power remaining in your batteries, the state of the lights, the alarm indications, the speed, the gear engaged, and everything you need at a glance, so you won’t be distracted while using it, thus avoiding possible risks when consulting necessary information.

The controls are located on the handlebars’ left side, along with the power button, horn, and shift controls, leaving the right handlebars a rotary control that changes driving modes from pedaling to fully electric mode.

To guarantee quality and durability, the frame was constructed with 6061 aluminum intended for aviation, and the cables and circuits were hidden inside the bike’s frame. You can see the brake cables and the like at the front. Still, they are integrated into the same band attached by clips, which are then inserted directly into the main tube, so the manufacture, in general, is simple and unbreakable.

Xiaomi's Chinese bike
Xiaomi Electric Bike

For its part, the seat is an adjustable, obvious thing, but with the detail of include a scale printed on the seat post to adapt its position to the different heights of each user. He also has LED lighting on the front and rear to ensure good visibility of other drivers.

As for the specs, which we know you are looking forward to, the battery is lithium and has 5.2Ah offering autonomy of up to 40 kilometers depending on the terrain and type of use. It is limited to 25 km / h speed in electric mode and recovers its charge to 100% in just 3.5 hours connected via an interface located on the back.

The brakes are of type V-Brake caliper on the front wheel, more practical for quick dismantling. The complete set brings us a useful vehicle for everyday use in town, more comfortable than a scooter and at a very similar price.

Finally, to give you an idea of ​​the revolution it can bring, take a look at its starting prices: only 2999 yuan in China, around 425 US dollars or so. 466.64 euros to change, prices that place it at the same level as the well-known Xiaomi electric scooters.

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