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Xbox Wireless Headphones Are Engaged In Very Interesting Technology At a Good Price 2021

Xbox wireless headphones

Xbox Wireless headphones Since the days of the Xbox 360 (it’s been a decade and a half) and its then innovative wireless single-ear headphones, the headset market Game has been completely transformed. In reality, these headphones’ ubiquity was a big reward for online gaming, until then exclusively reserved for the PC world.

But with the advancements in online gaming made by the Xbox 360 itself and all the consoles that came after it, inside or outside of Microsoft, headphones with microphones have become an essential accessory. In reality, aspects such as the wireless component have been standardized to become the norm. However, since those distant single-ear headphones, Microsoft hadn’t made a wireless launch anymore.

The Xbox had an official wired headset, which accompanied the Xbox One for most of its life. And of course, Xbox consoles’ compatibility with all kinds of accessories from third facilitated the proliferation of wireless headsets, but so far, none carried the official Xbox seal. Now Microsoft is launching its own article like this: Xbox Wireless Headphones.

Xbox Wireless Headset
WEIGHT 312 grams
LOGIN Bluetooth 4.2
AUTONOMY Up to 15 hours
Fast charge
Adjusting the volume and mixing on headphones

App for equalization, auto-mute sensitivity, and monitor microphone

Wireless update

Virtual surround Supports Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X
Price 120.70 USD

Cutting-edge sound technology

Aesthetically, these new headphones are very close to what the Xbox wired headphones used to be. However, the lines and design are more modern (tending to be circular, as are the details of the new ones’ external appearance. series X and S), and polyurethane ear cushions seem to cover the ears more. In the technical part, Microsoft wanted to take care of the sound with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X looking for precision suited in particular to video games and their audio needs.

Among the most notable features, Microsoft puts the technology in the spotlight bundle formation that differentiates audio from the player’s voice and background sound, which helps the microphone prioritize first. An auto-mute (a feature that can be disabled) automatically mutes the microphone when the player is not speaking, keeping the chat channel clean. An indicator light warns when the microphone is active, and of course, the mute option can also be activated at the user’s choice.

All of this It is controllable thanks to wheels on the headsets which change the volume and mix the sounds of cat and game. Por descontado, el dispositivo funciona no solo son las nuevas Series X y Series S, sino también con Xbox One y PCs con Windows 10. Los auriculares también permiten conexión por Bluetooth para conectar, por ejemplo, con un teléfono y mantener una conversación mientras se play.

Headphones can be controlled further with an application that allows you to equalize the sound, adjust the auto-mute’s sensitivity, and monitor the microphone. And also, wireless will be updated with possible news. As a last detail, the battery charge is completed in 3 hours, and its use reaches an autonomy of 15 hours.

Xbox Wireless Headphones Versions and Price

The Xbox Wireless headphones For the moment, they will only be available in black at 120.70 USD. For now, it’s available in the Microsoft Store.

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