Make Your Laptop Faster Windows 10 : Here’s How It Works

Make Your Laptop Faster Windows 10

Make Your Laptop Faster Windows 10 Nothing tires you like a “lame crutch” in the home office – a laptop that only runs at a snail’s pace. You can make your work tool faster with a few simple tips. We present some technological pick-me-ups.

Upgrade a laptop? It’s not necessary!

Always make sure the laptop fan is not obstructed.

When the laptop paralyzes, some tech freaks reflexively think about an upgrade. Of course, a new Graphic card or a faster processor can work wonders – but such shopping can also quickly turn into money. If you want a new component, it is often a good idea to buy a fast SSD hard drive.

Sometimes, however, even very mundane home remedies help keep the laptop running. For example, you should always make sure that the ventilation can work properly. If necessary, you need to free your laptop from its hustle and bustle while surfing the web at night – after all, the box needs to “breathe”! If the ventilation becomes too obstructed at any time, it should be thoroughly cleaned of dust and dirt.

Remove corpses of junk files.

The corpses of junk files are often to blame for the slow functioning of the laptop. To eliminate this, open the “Uninstall a program” menu in the control panel. There, you rigorously throw away all of the disks that aren’t needed and have been taking up storage space that hasn’t been used for weeks.

The Windows Start menu, used for uninstallation, has another useful function. First click on “Accessories” then on “System Tools” – data cleaning and defragmentation will be performed here. These functions erase unnecessary data ballast. At the same time, the installed files are organized so efficiently that the computer can access them faster.

Clean autostart

The suppression of the start of the car is also effective.

Even a full autostart can slow down your laptop significantly – here, and you have to limit yourself to essential programs. To do this, open the Task Manager: Right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”: “More details> Autostart.”

Here you can now ban all programs from autostart, which should not be opened automatically when your laptop starts up. To do this, click on the program’s name and confirm the process by clicking on “Deactivate.”

Clean the office

Files and folders pile up on the desktop too quickly, but the fuller the desktop, the slower the laptop. Because: the more file chaos on the desktop, the longer it takes for Windows to update. After all, the system tries to keep the desktop as up-to-date as possible, limiting yourself to only the data you constantly need. Therefore, move all the files and directories that don’t have to be on the desktop to another location on your hard drive. Ideally, only the recycle bin is left on the desktop.

Last resort: formatting

Formatting the hard drive and rebuilding the entire system should always be the last resort. This is because all the hard drive contents are deleted, including private files, documents, or Games hard-earned from your favorite game. If you want to take this drastic step, you must make a backup of your data first! The “Format” command can be selected by right-clicking on the selected hard drive.

Using the proper tools that automatically check for weak spots in the laptop is a bit smoother. Prevalent are the “CCleaner” and “TuneUp Utilities” programs. Both tools are available free of charge.

Summary for Make Your Laptop Faster Windows 10

  • Remove dead files by defragmentation.
  • Clean up autostart and remove unnecessary programs there.
  • Tidy up the desktop and move files you don’t need all the time to another area of ​​the hard drive.
  • Make your laptop faster with programs like CCleaner or TuneUp.
  • If nothing works: format the laptop.

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