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Why Star Wars Is A Family Movie According To Its Protagonists 2021

Why Star Wars Is A Family Movie According To Its Protagonists

Star wars The awakening of the force has already exceeded 1.7 billion dollars at the global box office, making it the third highest-grossing film in history, after Titanic, which he will surely surpass, and Avatar, to which everything points that it does not reach. The movie will fight for five Oscars next February 28 in the soundtrack, editing, visual effects, sound mixing, and sound editing.

Meanwhile, many parents saw the first episode of this saga in the cinema and have fulfilled their dream of going to theaters with their children to the premiere of Episode VII, thus transmitting their stories from to generation. Unconditional love for Star Wars.

“Star Wars speaks, without a doubt, of the family. Especially The awakening of the force. A good example is Finn and Rey or Finn and Han, with that feeling of protection and love, “he says in this video. John Boyega, the actor who plays Finn in the new adventure of the saga, began back in 1977 George Lucas.

He is not the only one who thinks so, the great star of the film, Harrison Ford, To whom we owe the sarcastic personality of the mythical Han Solo, he also thinks this way: “Star wars it’s about the family and seeing how this movie has passed from one generation to the next, that’s something scarce.”

To JJ Abrams, the director of this episode VII, the first of a new trilogy, believes that this film is “an adventure for everyone. It was essential to tell an emotional story. He has an incredible heart and amazing adventures, but fundamentally, he is an incredible family soap opera. ”

Oscar Isaac, who puts himself in the shoes of the young pilot Poe Dameron, recognizes that it was his uncle who transmitted his love for the saga: “I think that is what has made Star wars it lasts so long: that each generation transmits its love for it.”

For the young promise Daisy ridley (King), on which all hopes weigh Jedis, “To be part of the new generation that comes to the world of Star Wars it’s amazing. And it is to be hoped that later generations continue to talk about these stories. ”

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