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11 Best Films For Children And Family Films Of Spring

Best Films For Children And Family Films Of Spring

The spring 2021 wine is loaded with family movie premieres and childish. There are them for all tastes, from fairy tales to impressive adventures, without forgetting animated films or the love of nature.

1. Cinderella

A new version of the story of cinderella goes back to the cinema hand in hand with Walt Disney, Directed by the prestigious Keneth Branagh.

2. The last wolf

If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss this impressive film directed by Jean Jacques Annaud (Bear, Seven Years in Tibet, The name of the rose); perfect for young spectators lovers of nature and animals.

3. The seventh dwarf

The 7th Dwarf Bobo and his friends have caused a mega-crisis in Fantabuland Castle. Due to her clumsiness and bad luck, Princess Rose pricks her finger, plunging the entire Kingdom into a 100-year dream. The evil witch Dellamorta has gotten away with it, so the little dwarf and his friends will have to save the princess and make up for their mistake… This is not the first time the 7 dwarfs have messed her up!

4. Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

A film based on the Mathias Malzieu bestseller tells Jack’s story, a boy whose heart had to be replaced by a cuckoo clock. Jack will survive with this heart as long as he follows three laws: do not touch the handles, control your anger, and above all, never, never, never fall in love… Until he meets Miss Acacia, a young Andalusian who will put him to the test.

5. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Funny family comedy by Kevin James in which, after 6 years taking care of the security of our shopping centers, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved holiday. Take a trip to Las Vegas with her teenage daughter, but security never goes on vacation, and when duty calls, Blart responds.

6. Shaun, the sheep

From creators of the Chicken run, comes this movie from animation and comedy for the whole family, which adapts the homonymous series from the Aardman Studio. When Shaun decides to take the day off, everything goes a lot crazier than she ever imagined. You must find a way to return to the tranquility of the farm.

7. Avengers Age of Ultron

Meet the continuation of the biggest movie of Superheros of all times. An epic adventure-packed movie in which the Avengers will have to face the evil Ultron.

8. Asterix. The residence of the gods

Enjoy a long-awaited premiere. Adventures of Asterix! Exasperated by the situation, Julius Caesar decides to change tactics to end the Gallic village: as their armies have been unable to impose themselves by force, it will be the same Roman civilization to take care of seducing the Gallic barbarians. To do this, he will order to build next to the village a luxurious residence for Romans: “the residence of the Gods.” Can our Gallic friends resist the temptation of money and Roman comfort? Asterix and Obelix will have to work hard to thwart Caesar’s plans. We Recommend watching this Best Films For Children And Family.

9. Tiny. Valley of the lost ants

A young, bold ladybug will be caught in the middle of a battle between two tribes of ants in a small and peaceful valley. At stake is a box of sugar. A fantastic trip at ground level.

10. Tomorrowland. The world of tomorrow

Disney brings us a fascinating and mysterious adventure starring George Clooney. Destination, a genius tired of disillusionment, and Casey, a brilliant teenager brimming with optimism and scientific curiosity, embark on a dangerous mission to reveal the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space are known as Tomorrowland. The world of tomorrow.

11. Jurassic world

The Jurassic era returns to theaters in this highly anticipated film produced by Steven Spielberg. This time around, a dinosaur hybrid will cause a lot of trouble. This is one of the best films for children and families to watch.

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