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Who Was The Youngest Pope In History? 2021

Who was the youngest pope in history?

Who was the youngest pope: The youngest pope in the world has been Theophilate of Tusculana, who at the age of 12 assumed the papacy under the moniker of Benedict IX in 1032 due to the great power and influence of his family.

In addition to being the youngest pope in history, he was the only pontiff in history who was pope three times. When Theophilate was 24, there are already 12 as Pope; he was removed from office for having sexual behavior that does not match the condition of a holy man and being accused of committing murders and other damning attitudes.

During this period, Silvestre III, a member of the Grechentii family, rivals the Tusculana, took his place. However, in less than a year, Theophilate again used his political power and excommunicated Silvestre III from the Church and resumed power. Sometime later, he sold the position to Gregório VI, his godfather.

Who Was The Youngest Pope?

At that time, Emperor Henry III, of the Holy Roman German Empire, who reigned over Italy and Germany, did not like this commercial transaction around such an important position and removed Gregory VI, appointing Clement III, who was his protégé and ended up dying. 8 months after becoming pope. Theofilato took the opportunity to convince the Council of Bishops to reelect him for the third term.

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