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WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Signal: Fight Between Messaging Apps(2021)

WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Signal: The Fight Between Messaging Apps

After the controversy that arose a few days ago due to the new update that WhatsApp will suffer in the coming weeks, two applications are positioned as alternatives to keep in touch with our environment.

The promised date is soon to come. Less and less until February 8, WhatsApp puts its new privacy policy into effect, which has generated a series of criticisms by users. So much so that many people have already begun to migrate to other messaging apps, such as Telegram and Signal; however, which of these alternatives is the best option? And above all, which of these respects our private data?

Information gathering

To really understand what we deliver to each application, we must make a comparison according to the information collected by each of them and the data provided by the Protected Data Foundation :


WhatsApp Confirmed The Arrival Of Its Multi-Device Function- mongersmint

The application responsible for this controversy is the one that has access to a greater amount of data, these are (take note because they are quite a lot): Phone number, user ID, device ID, contacts, purchase history, advertising history, location, email, among many others. 

All this information is, to say the least, worrying. With this, education on this subject becomes even more relevant, since many people unknowingly give their data to this and many other applications.


telegram app- mongersmint

One of the main alternatives that have been in the orbit of various users for several years. Telegram could be a viable application for your daily use. The data it collects is Phone number, user ID, account name, and contacts. 

However, not everything is as cute as it seems. Telegram has suffered a series of questions that would cast doubt on this app’s choice over WhatsApp. In fact, there is evidence that personal data can be extracted in its famous groups with a high number of users. These are usually used to mobilize large numbers of people -as with the Black Lives Matter movement- or share information on a specific topic.


Signal app- mongersmint

One of the messaging apps that have burst into force last time and recommended by the experts. Why does this happen? The data collected from the user is only: Phone number.

Signal uses an end-to-end encryption protocol called Open Whispers Systems. The above refers to the fact that the messages leave your device encrypted and are only decrypted when they reach the receiver; This technology is even so efficient that WhatsApp borrowed it when it was implemented. For this reason, this application would be gaining great popularity in recent days. 

Privacy first

Now the decision will depend on each person. However, we understand that many people will not stop using WhatsApp despite all the controversy surrounding it. The call will always be to try other alternatives, and in this case, Signal.

This messaging app may not be as attractive as the ones that dominate the market, but there is nothing more valuable than not taking the risk of our private information stolen.

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