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How To Know If My WiFi Card Supports 5GHz

How To Know If  My WiFi Card Supports 5GHz: Without a doubt, the WiFi connection is preferred by the vast majority of us, especially for its comfort. With the increasing number of devices connected to it, we need the best possible connection. For this reason, this technology is advancing and presenting us with new versions, faster and capable of supporting more simultaneous connections.

The 2.4 GHz (Wireless G) standard, which works under the IEEE 802.11g standard, achieves 11, 22, 54, or 125 Mbps speeds. It is more stable connectivity although less fast than 5 GHz than, under the IEEE 802.11 standard, it can reach 450 Mbps. It is faster connectivity, although a little is more unstable and of less range. However, in medium flats, incidents should not be reproduced. Therefore, it is important to know if our computer’s WiFi card supports this type of network.

Since last May 2019, we have already available WiFi 6 (or 802.11ax ), which avoids spectrum saturation and provides greater efficiency in the simultaneous connection of devices (up to 8 instead of the current 5). Today we can buy WiFi 6 network cards, but we must have a compatible router.

What is the WiFi card, and what is it for?

As you all know, the WiFi card is the device our team needs to access a network of this type. It is used so that a device without this possibility can connect wirelessly. For this reason, they all have an antenna (or more) receiving signals.

Currently, almost all computers, both desktop and laptop computers, have the network card included.

Where is the network card?

It is placed inside the computer, inserted in the expansion slots that the computer’s motherboard has and where the card’s PCI connector will go. One end of this will be fixed to the equipment’s housing so that the antenna is located outside.

We can also purchase USB WiFi cards. They are much more comfortable since they do not need installation, but insert them into a free USB port.

How can we change the network card?

The WiFi card can be changed very easily. We will open the computer and look for the aforementioned slots. Once the card is located (it is the one with the antenna, so there is no possibility of error), we will unscrew the applique in the housing and extract it.

To place the new card, we will follow the same process and, once inserted and secured with the screw, we will install the necessary drivers if necessary.

How to know if my WiFi card supports 5 GHz

We already know what it is for and where it is located, but what matters to us is whether our card supports 5 GHz or works under a slower standard. To know the card’s properties that we have installed, we will go to the ‘Device Manager.’ In Windows 10, we will only type it in the Cortana search box.

We will click on ‘Network adapters,’ and the list where we will find the card model will be displayed. Once known, we will visit the manufacturer’s page and look for the information we need.

Another way to know the configuration of our network card is through the command console. We will press the Windows key + R simultaneously, and we will write “CMD” (always without quotes). The command console will open, where we will write ” Netsh WLAN show drivers.”

Next, we will accept and look at the types of radio supported to see the networks it supports:

  • If the card supports S802.11g modes, the device only works at 2.4 GHz, and it is not compatible with the dual-band.
  • If the card supports 802.11a802.11g802.11ac, and  802.11n,  the device works with a dual-band and detects both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

One last way to detect if our network card supports 5 GHz is by looking at wireless connections. If the name of our WiFi network appears accompanied by ‘5G’, it is compatible.

How To Know If My WiFi Card Supports 5 GHz, wifi 6- mongersmint

Why not leap WiFi 6?

Within its laptop catalog, Lenovo offers equipment compatible with WiFi 6, with which you can constantly navigate faster. For example, we have the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i, a sleek laptop made from premium aluminum. It has a 14-inch screen, up to 11th generation Intel Core processor, Intel Iris Xe graphics card, and WiFi 6 compatibility. It is a more than adequate alternative to combine leisure and student and work productivity.

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