Instagram Shopping: How to sell through Instagram?


Is it possible to generate sales through social networks? Yes, if for this, we use sales platforms such as Instagram Shopping: This social network tool allows users to directly buy the products they see in the publications of the accounts they follow. The following guide will explain what it is, how to configure it, and how to sell quickly.


Instagram Shopping is the functionality that Instagram offers so that business accounts can tag products in their publications and stories in the same way they tag users.

In each post, you can tag up to 5 products and 20 if it is a carousel. By clicking on the label, users know the name of the product and its price.

To activate this functionality, it is necessary:

  • Have a Facebook page.
  • Make the Instagram account a business profile.
  • That the Instagram account already has activity.
  • That the products are physical (services are not possible) and are available in an online store.
  • You are having registered the products in a Facebook catalog. Do you need to know how to create it? Check the Facebook help.


If the Instagram account that you manage, instead of a private user, represents a company or a public figure, yes or yes, it must be an account or “company profile.”

To convert it, the first thing you have to have created is a Facebook fan page. If you don’t have it, it’s time to make it. Or, if it already exists, ask to be named an administrator if you are not already.

Then go to “Settings” of your Instagram account and click on the “Account” option. At the bottom, in blue, the button “Switch to professional account” will appear. Click here and follow the steps until it asks you to link it with your fan page. In this video, you can see it:


An Instagram account for business allows:

  • Analytics. You will be able to consult your followers’ profiles, the publications’ scope, and the interactions.
  • Swipe up. If your profile has more than 10,000 followers, you can activate direct traffic to a web page from the stories.
  • Label products. This function is the one that interests us the most if our objective is to sell through Instagram. We will talk more about her later.
  • Create automatic responses. To speed up DMs responses, you can enable the automatic response option.
  • Schedule posts. With tools like Hootsuite, Metricool, or Facebook Create Studio, you can schedule your Instagram account posts.
  • Giveaways on Instagram. It allows you to create giveaways among those who interact with a publication.
  • Advertising. It is possible to promote both stories and posts through Facebook Ads. If you want to know more, I invite you to read the article “Tips For Advertising On Instagram.”
  • Sell ​​products. Thanks to Shopping Stories, you can boost the sales of your online store. Here’s how.


instagram business Instagram-business HOW TO SELL THROUGH INSTAGRAM mongersmint


To configure Instagram Shopping and sell, you have two options: creating a product catalog through Business Manager or the fan page. Let’s see the two options.

1. If you have an online store: Product catalog through Business Manager.

For this option, the first thing we have to have is an account in the Business Manager. Once we have created and accessed it, and after adding the fan page, the Instagram account, and the advertising account linked to that same company, we look for “Assets / Catalogs” and click.

On the next page, we click on “Create catalog” and continue. It will ask you: “How do you want to add the products to the catalog?”. You have two options: add the products with a form, a data source, or the Facebook pixel, or by connecting with your e-commerce platform, for example, Magento or WooComerce.

2. Whether or not you have an online store: Product catalog from the fan page.

It will be easier, and you can create the product catalog from the fan page linked to your Instagram account. To do this, you have to access “Settings / Templates and tabs” and add the “Store” tab (at the bottom) and activate it.

The next thing will be to return to your fan page’s main page and in the menu on the left, below, click on “Store” to start configuring it. Once we have indicated how we want to manage sales (through private messages or via e-commerce) and indicated the currency, we will only have to start uploading the products.

If we have already done all the previous steps, now we have to go to the Instagram account and access “Settings.” In the “Company” option, you will see the “Purchases” tab. Click here, and the catalog you have created will appear already linked. If it does not arrive, make sure you have the Instagram account linked to the Facebook page and business manager.


Too easy. If it is a post, when you edit the image to be published, you have to tag the product as if it were tagging a person. You can tag up to 5 products in a photo you have previously uploaded to the catalog.

In the stories, you can also tag products. You will find the option in the available interaction elements (surveys, questions, gifs, etc.).

Both options allow you to drive traffic to your online store.

A new tab will also be activated in your Instagram profile to allow your followers to visit your entire Instagram Shopping catalog. Interesting, right?


instagram creators guide


Now that we have Instagram Shopping configured, we can only start selling. Here are some Instagram actions that will help you do this:

  1. Post a look and tag the products that appear in it. Thus, when the user touches the image, they will quickly see all the information about them: name and price.
  2. Create live video stories where you present new products to your followers so they can ask what they want in real-time.
  3. Intersperse sales posts with other content of interest to your followers.
  4. Use compelling descriptions that present the emotional benefits of the products.
  5. Look for collaborators (influencers) to help you promote your products and generate traffic to your feed.
  6. Provide all contact information (web, telephone, address, and mail) in the BIO.
  7. Create discount coupons to redeem in your e-commerce and promote them in the stories and the descriptions.
  8. Call To Action. Always add a call to action to incentivize sales.
  9. Encourage and respond to all comments and private messages.
  10. Plan an Advertising campaign on Facebook Ads.

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