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Samsung Galaxy S21: The Final Design Of The Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21: shows the final design of the Galaxy S21 in its three versions: presentation of the Galaxy S21 launch approves on January 14, 2021. We are just over a month away from officially meeting Samsung’s new family of top-of-the-range smartphones.

Although, thanks to the numerous leaks that have taken place, we have livened up the wait.

Those leaks have given us essential data on the specifications and the selling price of the Galaxy S21, but we had significant doubts about its final design. These doubts have been motivated by fascinating information that we saw in this article, and that suggested that the new Samsung could bet on a more angular and flat finish, in line with what Apple did with its iPhone 12.

Thanks to a series of leaked official videos that come, in theory, we have clear up doubts in that regard from Samsung itself. It is clear, except for the last-minute surprise, that Samsung is going to keep the slightly curved design on the sides of the Galaxy S21 series, and that we will see, once again, a metal frame with a rounded line, nothing of the flat touch that Apple rescued from iPhone 5s.

Samsung Galaxy S21: Shows The Final Design Of The Galaxy S21


Samsung Galaxy S21: double color and a better-integrated island

In the videos, we can also see sections of the back and the front. We start with the show since it is the easiest and fastest section to analyze. The Galaxy S21 will keep the all-screen finish that we saw in the Galaxy S20 and the front camera integrated with a floating island. We can, therefore, forget about the idea that this component will integrate into the screen.

Something that Samsung would have reserved, supposedly, for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Jumping to the rear, we have a rectangular island that groups all the lenses that make up the rear camera configuration of the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 +, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The first two will come with three cameras on the rear. The third will be equipped with a four-camera configuration. However, a fifth circular space is a praise that could be a 3D depth sensor.

The most exciting thing in terms of design is how well Samsung has integrated that island. Unlike what we saw in the Galaxy S20, we no longer have a substantial protruding rectangle in black that breaks the terminal’s aesthetics. That island is part of the design, and in such a natural way, Samsung has allowed it to give it a touch of a different color, an idea that, frankly, I think is quite successful.

All Galaxy S21s will have the same joint base: a Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 chip, depending on the market, and it is a rumor that they will be the first smartphones of the South Korean company that will not include headphones or charger.  The company did not approve, but it helps explain rumors that Samsung might lower the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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