These Huge Great Danes Have No Idea How Big They Are!

These Huge Great Danes Have No Idea How Big They Are: The gigantic Great Danes – or Great Danes – are truly a sight to behold. Friendly, sociable, and charming, these adorable dogs with floppy ears are considered by some to be the perfect companion for families.

Great Danes can weigh up to 79 kilograms and grow up to 81 centimeters in height. We have decided to show you how big and fun Great Danes can be. So we’ve put together a cool and hilarious list of their antics for you to enjoy too. When you’re done looking at all of the dogs on this list, you’ll find more photos of gorgeous Great Danes in our post filled with great Danes photos that prove they are the funniest and biggest dogs around.


These Huge Great Danes Have No Idea How Big They Are!- mongersmint
Looking out the front door. “I made a new friend. Can I keep it? “


Great Danes are best suited for people who have plenty of space at home and a garden due to their size. With this in mind, they are best suited for owners who can provide them with enough space for both exercise and mental stimulation.


My daughter was sick and stayed at home. When I peeked into his room, this is what I saw.
Presley, a three-foot-tall Great Dane, is also known as Scooby-Doo. He is afraid of small dogs, plastic bags, and vacuum cleaners.

Along with plenty of space and exercise, Great Danes also need experienced owners, as well as weekly grooming. Plus, larger dogs usually involve greater financial investment. They need more food and space, and you may need to adapt your home, making sure your dog can’t reach things that a smaller dog can’t reach.


Salon dog once, salon dog forever.
She gave him a tube of toilet paper to play with, and she kept it in her mouth like that for over a minute.
Our neighbor sent me this adorable photo of our dogs. They finally found him a stool so that he could properly greet his great friend.
A large domestic cow meets a small domestic cow.
My parents’ Great Dane got too big for the couch, but he still likes to lie on it.
3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

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