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Vampires Exist? 5 Clues That Vampires Could Be Real!

Vampires Exist? Clues That Vampires Could Be Real!

Vampires Exist: Present in books, novels, or movies, the truth is that vampires are characters in high demand in works of fiction. In recent years, this is a theme of fashion, which has made the head of teenagers, in past teenagers in a way. However, in past times, it so happens that mentions of these beings always involved fear and horror. This is because, for a long time, people feared the existence of these undead creatures, who were killed by blood and only came out of their urns at night, ran around with garlic, crucifixes, and daylight.

Time passed, however, and vampires ended up becoming limited characters in haunted tales and stories. As a consequence, people no longer seem even to consider the existence of these beings.

But, can we really be at peace on this issue? Are vampires exist really the fruit of the human mind?

We are not here to make anyone believe this mystery, but we list some facts that can leave a “flea behind the ear.” Check out 5 clues that could indicate the existence of bloodsuckers:

Vampires Exist? 5 Clues That Vampires Could Be Real- mongersmint
Vampires Exist

Vlad – the inspirer of the character Conta Dracula – was perverse, but in terms of meanness, nothing was equal to Elizabeth Bathóry. The woman was part of Hungary’s nobility and earned the nickname “Bloody Countess” after torturing and murdering more than 650 people. The victims were mostly young girls that she hired as servants.

For years, the noblewoman beat, burned, and mutilated the girls and even allowed some to die frozen in the ice during the winter. The countess believed that the blood of the youngest would help her to remain young and beautiful. Not only did she drink the blood of her victims, but she also used it for bathing.

Vampires Exist? Count Dracula- mongersmint
Vampires Exist? Count Dracula

Despite being one of the most famous vampires in history, Count Dracula was only a literary character. However, Dracula’s story’s inspiration that the inspiration for Dracula’s story was a real man.

Known as “Vlad the Impaler,” the guy was evil and would have been responsible for the deaths of more than 100 thousand people, many impaled and burned alive. Another custom for Vlad was to invite ordinary people to banquets and then impale everyone and taste pieces of bread dipped in his victims’ blood.

Vlad had “Dracul” as his last name – or “Dragon” – because of his father’s affiliation with a Christian military organization called the Dragon Order. In this way, the man was a warrior who fought for his faith and was unmoved by crucifixes or holy water, as the vampire stories preach.

According to historical accounts, he was killed by the Turks in the 15th century during a battle. His body was beheaded, and his head was exposed on a stake at the behest of the sultan.

Vampires Exist? 5 Clues That Vampires Could Be Real- mongersmint
Vampires Exist

As is clear from every tale about these dark beings, vampires do not age and often have superpowers. Recent studies have pointed out that the secret of this eternal youth and longevity (they live centuries) may be in the blood they consume.

Experiments carried out with rats showed that, after older animals received transfusions from younger rats, the elderly showed improvement in memory, smell, and physical strength. Just like the stories, isn’t it?

According to the researchers, a protein, GDF11, is present in the blood of younger mice responsible for these effects. But, of course, scientists don’t expect people to drink blood to get positive results for the body. Instead, they hope to apply the discovery to treat age-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, for example.

Another thing that is often common in vampires is descriptions of their disfigured features and violent behavior. Basically, these reports may even present a truth fund.

This is because porphyria, a genetic disorder that causes the accumulation of red and purple pigments in the body, can cause the deformation of patients’ skin and face. This disease can also trigger mental problems that, capable of causing patients to become aggressive or bizarre.

One of the most illustrious carriers of the disease was King George III of England, who suffered from hallucinations and anger attacks. Because of that, of course, he became known as the “Mad King.” Nowadays, many researchers claim that porphyria was one of the main influences in creating vampire folklore.

Vampires Exist? Vampire Skeleton- mongersmint
Vampires Exist? Vampire Skeleton

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered numerous tombs dating from the Middle Ages, where there were remains of bodies with stakes driven into the body and tied legs and arms which shows Vampires Exist. Another frightening example that can give evidence of vampires’ existence was graves found in Poland, in which skeletons had skulls positioned between their legs. It is said that this practice was common to prevent the dead from returning to terrorize the living. This also proves Vampires Exist.

And these were not the only sinister tombs found out there. Other medieval cemeteries throughout Europe also contain specimens, and almost every year, a new “ex-vampire” is dug up. The problem, however, is that the reason for so many deaths in a sinister way may be linked to tuberculosis, a disease common in the Age.

Average, which made people pale and very thin. At the time, according to scholars, Europeans believed that vampires were responsible for spreading evil and they also believe Vampires Exist.

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