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Royal Purple Fabric From Biblical Age Found 2021

Royal Purple Fabric From Biblical Age Found In Israel

Royal Purple Fabric: Archeology is the science responsible for studying cultures and civilizations of the past. And through archaeological discoveries, traces of ancient societies and cultures are discovered. And so, we were able to understand better how certain people lived and their habits and customs. And even, which led to its end.

Throughout our history, archaeologists made numerous discoveries that changed the way we view our own history. The Bible is one of the best-selling and most-read books worldwide. We can define it as a fascinating piece of literature to the present day. This book is composed of stories that tell, from the passage of Jesus Christ on Earth to the post, when the Christian leader finally returned to heaven and left humanity to take a new direction.

Some of the stories seem somewhat confusing to some people who read because they show a divine reflection on human nature, whether in its good or bad glory. Some use the teachings explicit there to be inspired and to live better. Others go deeper with a more critical type of analysis for better interpretation.

The holy book of Christianity is refuted several times. But in certain situations, archaeologists end up finding traces of things described in the book. An example of this is the royal purple fabrics mentioned in the Bible found in the Timna Valley in southern Israel.

These fabrics reflect the wealth of the inhabitants of this region during the reign of David and Solomon. The pieces of tissue were discovered during archaeological excavations at Timna. According to what the Israel Antiquities Authority (AIA) said in a statement made with Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan universities, that location was a former copper production center.

“This is the first time that fabrics dyed royal purple fabrics and from the Iron Age have been discovered in Israel and the Mediterranean Levant,” the statement said.


Royal Purple Fabric From Biblical Age Found- mongersmint
Royal Purple Fabric From Biblical Age Found

According to radiocarbon dating, the fibers are approximately one thousand years before our era. According to the Bible, this means that they date from David and Solomon’s reign.

“In antiquity, purple garments were associated with nobility, priests, and, of course, royalty. The magnificent violet hue, the fact that it does not fade and the difficulty in producing this dye, which is found in tiny amounts in the bodies of small mollusks, make the royal purple fabric a prestigious color that used to be more expensive than gold ”, explained Naama Sukenik, curator of the EIA.

So far, only mollusk shells and ceramics with purple spots have been discovered. This indicated that there was a purple dye industry. “This is the first time that we have direct evidence of fabrics dyed and preserved for 3,000 years,” said the researcher.

According to Erez Ben-Yosef, a professor in the Department of Archeology at the University of Tel Aviv, finding these tissues allows knowledge about the kingdom of Edom, which was populated by nomadic tribes, to be deepened.

“The new findings reinforce our hypothesis that there was an elite in Timna, showing that it was a stratified society,” he said.

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