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Are you looking for the best 24 inch smart TV? If yes, then read the article to know the best 24 inch smart TV price and review.

24 inch smart TV are best suited for small spaces. They have built-in speakers, so they don’t need a stereo system to operate effectively. The best thing about them is that they are portable with a lightweight design. 24 inch smart TVs also contain the best specification possible given their size and price range.

As many brands and models are available on the market, it can be hard to determine which one best suits your needs. Some television sets have more advanced features than others, but the best recommendation is not price but performance over time. 

24 inch smart TV – Comparision, Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Smart TVs have become one of the most popular entertainment tools among children, youth, and adults, so finding at least one in every standard home is not surprising. If you want to equip your home with one of these, we have a couple of models that might interest you.

LG 24MT49S-PZ 24 Inch Smart TV LED HD

This model has a dual-use so that it can be used both as a Smart TV and in conventional monitor mode, even with improvements to play or built-in speakers, as corresponds to a Smart TV. The general sound level is somewhat lower than expected, although this has no more problem than raising the volume a little more than we normally would. A complete monitor and Smart TV combo with which you can enjoy both television broadcasts from anywhere and work or play with your PC.

Philips 24PFS6855 12 24 inch LED Full HD TV.

This Philips equipment has HDR 10 and Pixel Plus HD technologies to improve image reproduction, increasing resolution and sharpness. It is equipped with multiple ports to connect external players, video game consoles, storage units, receivers, dongles, and other devices. The purchase includes a remote control so you can configure and operate your TV with total comfort and navigate through the interface of the Smart TV system. It has an energy consumption class A, indicating that it does not require too much electricity to operate. Although basic applications are available to watch streaming content, you do not have access to many programs to download as in other Smart TV OS.

Hitachi 24HE2000 24 Inch HD-Ready TV

Looking for a small Smart TV does not mean spending more or giving up anything. The proof is found in the Hitachi 24HE2000 model, the best 24 inch Smart TV for 150 bucks that we have found. A product that has a screen with HD Ready resolution, in line with the market, but improved with Picture Master technology and a BPI rate of 400 hertz, to see everything with more quality. Some finishes can be improved, aesthetically speaking, although they do not affect the functions or characteristics of the television. The attention paid by the technical service to the user can be improved, according to some comments.

LG 24TL520S PZ 61cm Smart TV Monitor

If you are looking for a cheap LG TV that is also a computer monitor, this is one of the most characteristic models. Despite its screen size, it allows you to live good cinephile experiences thanks to the “cinema mode.” This mode makes it possible to focus on the screen the best moments of your favorite movie, even in the darkest scenes. On the other hand, its HD resolution provides a good image quality trying to make it as realistic as possible.

It has the Smart webOS system for Smart TV functions, which gives you access to a wide catalog of practical applications that are compatible with your equipment so that you can take advantage of internet connectivity. This leads us to mention that the LG 24TL520S-PZ stands out for offering Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to be linked to the home network without the need for cables and a good performance in sound reproduction, having 2 speakers of 5W each, for crisp, loud volume.

The Best 24 inch smart TV 
Smart TV sales have progressively increased in recent years. The 24-inch models have not been left behind.

What is the overall best 24 inch Smart TV in value for money?

First of all, it should be noted that all the 24 inches smart TV that we are going to collect do not have the same features and that the brands to which they belong are different from analyzing a wider market range. On the other hand, the prices of some models and others also vary.

Samsung LC24F396FHU – TOP sales and with very good opinions

First of all, it should be noted that this model is not a Smart TV, but the good opinions of buyers make us analyze it together with the others. Among other things, it stands out for the modern and elegant design of its curved screen. Like other models, it can be used as a PC monitor and, best of all, the good predisposition it has for “gaming.” Also, AMD FreeSync technology makes your favorite games more fluid. Finally, it should be noted that numerous studies have shown that curved screens produce greater comfort in the eyes of those who are using them.

TD Systems K24DLX10HS – A cheap 24 inch TV with WiFi

This 24 inch TV from TD systems stands out for including WiFi connection and for presenting the Android 7.0 operating system. It will allow you to connect to the Internet and, thanks to this, it will make you enjoy some portals such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, or HBO, as well as other platforms for «Streaming.» It also presents an elegant design with a central base and will adapt to the environments and decorations of your home without any problem. If your priority is quality-price, it is undoubtedly an option to take into account, since we are talking about a cheap 24 inch TV and good in terms of benefits.

Infinity INTV-24 – Android TV to enjoy Netflix, HBO, or YouTube

We are talking about a model that allows you to download different Apps for Streaming thanks to its Android operating system. Regarding image quality, the definition is correct and tries to reach the highest possible quality (taking into account that it is 24 inches). On the other hand, it has various connections such as USB, HDMI, and WiFi and up to 1800 hertz refresh rates to avoid frozen images. Finally, note that if you are looking for an inexpensive 24 inch Smart TV, this copy is very cheap (when compared to models from the leading brands).

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What are the best-selling 24 inch TVs on Amazon?

Since Amazon is one of the largest distributors of smart TVs globally, you must know which are the 24 inch TVs that are sold the most on the website.

What 24 inch TV to buy?

Smart TV sales have progressively increased in recent years, and the 24-inch models have not been left behind. This is because their features are great, such as watching series and movies in Streaming or downloading other applications from the Play Store.

Sometimes opting for a specific model can be complicated and more considering the number of copies that you can find in the market. Also, not all include the same features.

If you wonder which is the best 24 inch television, the answer will always be it depends. At Mongersmint, we will always recommend that you choose the one that best suits your needs. Therefore, we will focus on the key factors that could condition your choice in the next point.

Size, screen, and resolution:

The size and the screen are the strong points for those who need to buy a 24-inch television, which adapts very well to all domestic environments, from the kitchen counter to the bedroom, placed on the dressing table.

Before buying a 24 ”television, it is advisable to know its dimensions; its average length is 53 cm, while its height is 29-30 cm.

An element that you will have to consider very carefully before choosing the 24 ”smart TV refers to the screen technology. Sure, you’ve heard of Full HD and HD Ready, but you may never have stopped to evaluate the difference.

Since HD stands for high definition or high definition, today’s televisions are compatible with high definition technology. The difference between HD Ready and Full HD is that the former reproduces images with a resolution of 1280 x720 p, where p stands for pixel; The Full HD format supports 1920 x 1080p images. As a result, the image quality is better on a Full HD drive, as the pixel density is higher.

Regarding the 24 ”smart TV panel technology, almost all manufacturers use LEDs, much more powerful and modern than the LCD screen, which also consumes more energy.

There are also smart OLED screen televisions, which refer to the technological evolution of LEDs and were created to achieve even greater energy savings by creating the color black by turning off the pixels instead of the backlight.

This particular technology makes blacks even more intense and increases savings in terms of power consumption. The information related to the screen refers to the usable area for playing multimedia content, while the frame placed around the screen can vary greatly depending on the model. However, the contemporary design of televisions tends to require increasingly minimal, discreet, and almost imperceptible frames, with the feeling of being in front of a miniature reproduction of a cinema screen.

Connectivity and ports:

Although most of the domestic contexts are equipped with the wireless network, that is to say, without cable, some manufacturers market televisions in which there are more options, even in those in which only the ethernet cable is available.

Another essential element when choosing a quality smart TV is the presence of at least one USB port on the back or side to insert a key or an external hard drive for viewing multimedia content. But even more remarkable is the provision of at least two HDMI inputs for the insertion of decoders, game consoles, and other devices that will be connected to the smart TV.

Smart functionality:

Many of today’s 24 inch smart TVs enjoy smart features. However, all smart TVs have an operating system, which is not always the same: the advice is to choose a device with a very wide operating system and a wide spectrum of applications to use.

For example, many 24 inch smart TVs have a built-in Android TV operating system similar to what you find on your smartphone. In the case of smart TV, Android TV is slightly simplified and optimized for use with the remote control.

There are many functions related to a smart TV with the Android TV operating system, including using the device with the help of voice commands and applications downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.

In general, Android TV is present in many brands of smart TVs, especially Sony and the high-end ones.

Another operating system that allows you to view the content of diverse quality is Samsung Smart HUB. The positive aspects of the system relate to very frequent updates, general integrity, and support for numerous applications.

As you can imagine, this OS is 100% compatible with all the brand’s devices, especially soundbars and Home Theater systems. Still, there is more because Samsung Smart HUB is also compatible with all smartphones of the most popular brands on the market.

As for other operating systems, you will find the one implemented by LG, called LG webOS, highly appreciated because it is complete and includes, in the store, a wide variety of applications, including YouTube, Netflix, and Infinity, just to name the most popular.

Finally, you can find 24 ″ smart TVs that have their own operating system installed, that is, specific to the manufacturer. In these cases, it is advisable to carefully check the compatible applications so as not to be limited in your entertainment needs.

Best 24 inch smart TV 
Connectivity is a crucial aspect for smart TVs precisely because of its peculiar characteristic is connecting to the network to reproduce multimedia content.

Conclusion: the best 24 inches Smart TV is the one you choose

To choose the best 24-inch television, take into account your needs, budget, and preferences. In addition, on many occasions, it is advisable to contrast as much information as possible and make a quality-price scale analyzing all the fundamental aspects.

If you still don’t know which 24 inch TV to choose, the good idea is to expand your information. For this, we recommend portals such as Amazon. In these portals, you will find many available copies, their descriptions, the opinions of buyers, and different offers or promotions.

We hope that our comparison has helped you, that you find the best 24 inches Smart TV at a quality price and that you enjoy your favorite movies, series, and games.

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